Now fellow Europeans I am so fucking angry

I am rather disappointed at France. 25% of the population were in favor of the FN, the far-right wing. Voting far-right wing at the European elections is such a paradox, and I can’t believe that some people actually believed what Marine LePen (the party’s president) said. 

Also, did you know that she refused to participate to a debate with Martin Schultz, the president of the European Parliament? She knew that he was more than able to deconstruct all her arguments. 

Moreover, should I remind you what the former party’s president, Mrs LePen’s dad declared over the years? 

  • He admitted to have tortured criminals.
  • He said that people who suffered AIDS were lepers.
  • He thinks that the Holocaust is a small part, a detail of WWII, that has never been proved. 
  • He treated the LGBT+ community of deviants. 
  • He met Karadzic when he was seeked for Genocide in Yougoslavia and declared that “it was not his duty to look after war criminals”. 
  • In 2012, he declared that the French people was to be “white, from greek and latine culture and christians”. 

He is a racist and an anti-Semite. Now 25% of France voted for this party, that is his heritage. 

Well this is so sad and I am so fucking angry!

Now, just a little reminder, in 1929 the world experienced a global financial crisis, Hitler became Chancellor in 1933. Now, when did we experienced a global financial crisis? In 2008, we are 6 years after and guess what? Nationalists parties are winning elections or rising all over Europe. Can’t we learn a little bit from the past? Just for once?!

Edit: I know it is not 25% of the France population, but 25% of the people who voted. However, people who didn’t vote are not even part of the system for me. And anyway it is even more alarming since the majority of the population don’t even care about Europe and won’t even move their ass to vote, which is a privilege that not all the countries in the world have by the way.