• Prologue
  • Jeremy Jordan
  • Finding Neverland (8/10/14)

THE NEW Prologue from Finding Neverland

side note: if you’re wondering what the crashing sound is towards the beginning and middle of the song, the ensemble was spinning pocket watches to the music as part of their choreography, and three of the watches broke throughout the course of the number. so the crashing sound is the watch hitting the floor (this was the first performance with this number)

another side note: sorry for the rough cut off at the end. the song led right into the opening scene and I tried not to have any of the dialogue in there 

All That Matters
  • All That Matters
  • Laura Michelle Kelly, Carolee Carmello
  • Finding Neverland (8/10/14)

All That Matters from Finding Neverland

Laura Michelle Kelly as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies 

Carolee Carmello as Mrs. du Maurier 

P.S. this is the last audio I’ll be posting for a while (I didn’t expect such an overwhelming response to people wanting to hear this show). Currently, the show isn’t for trade, but it will be once the production officially opens on Thursday!