Edward Norton on Wes Anderson’s films:

"What I’ve loved about Wes from the get-go [is] — the whimsy, the incredible humor … but there’s always these moments of pathos that come in and sideswipe you. Every time I watch The Royal Tenenbaums, I’m laughing and laughing and then for whatever reason, as soon as there’s that scene where [Richie Tenenbaum] releases the falcon or the hawk over the city and they play that Velvet Underground song, I tear up every single time. … I can’t explain it.

I’ve come to think that a lot of Wes’ movies are about the same thing, which is maybe people struggling with the way that the family that you’re born into fails you or you don’t have the family that you want, so you go and create the family that you need. So many of the characters in Wes’ movies are essentially creating alternative communities that support them. I think there’s something really sweet in that idea.”

Full interview: Ed Norton On ‘Birdman,’ Wes Anderson And Why $40 Makes Him Proud

The Insane Next Few Years of Superhero Movies

ComicsAlliance has compiled an excellent and nicely-designed infographic to succinctly illustrate the future of superhero movies - with the ridiculously ambitious schedules released by Marvel and DC, we’re pretty much booked through 2020…and that’s just what we know. There could still be more!

Between these and Star Wars, internet comment sections are going to have a lot of complaining to do for the next couple years.


On the set of Only Lovers Left Alive

It’s an amazing wig, it’s made out of human hair and yak hair and goat hair, both my wig and Tilda’s wig, and Mia’s. Because Jim really wanted the vampires to have this kind of feral beauty. We talked about wolves, if you see a wolf in the wild, their fur looks incredibly shiny as it has just been on condition. And, you know, because these are not just refined, sophisticated artists. They are wild creatures. They are Vampires. I thought that was cool, you know.”

Disney just took a huge step forward with its next princess

Move over, Elsa and Frozen, there’s a new princess on the block. On Monday, Disney announced their next animated film: Moana. Slated for 2016, the movie tells the story of a teenage girl in search of a fabled island in the South Pacific, where the “born navigator” heroine will team up with a demigod to complete her aquatic mission.

The creative minds behind Moana are no strangers to princess tales. Directors Ron Clements and John Musker are the geniuses that brought us Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and The Princess and the Frog.

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