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Easily one of the weirdest intersections of my interests that the Internet has ever been gracious enough to provide me. What… am… I looking at?

Why is Vin so sad?!

Why is he standing in the dark?

Where even is he? (I’m imagining just some dark corner of his house, which makes this 500x funnier to me.)

Where did his falsetto come from?!?!

May 24th cannot come soon enough.

After looking at the extended look of Fast 6… I’M FUCKING EXCITED. More races AND fighting! Yes. Sadly not about the street racing, but it didn’t really start about that… Understand the whole meaning of the first movie, the street racing was actually only a side problem. That’s what you guys need to understand.

The only one that was about street racing was Tokyo Drift… 

1: Trucks with expensive electronics stolen
2: Drug Dealer needs to be taken down.
3: Drift King
4: Revenge/Drug Dealer
5: Gaining Freedom