You are more!

  • Her:No. Go away from me.
  • Him:But.. why? Why are pushing me away?
  • Her:I'm pushing all the people away from me because I'm boring. I'm a mess, I'm not good in keeping people, I'm Miss-No-Good. You? I know you're just like them, you want me now but eventually, you'll get bored of me. Then you'll leave. I don't deserve anything or anyon--
  • Him:Fuck your reasons. I'm here and will always be here. I love you, okay? I don't care if you're boring or mess or anything, you're perfect for me. I'm proud of you, your past, who you are now and who you'll be in the future. Go, push me away, let's see if you can.
  • Him:Don't give up on me.
  • Her:But you don't love me, do you?
  • Him:I need you. Please.
  • Her:Fix yourself first. I don't want this feeling of being taken for granted, being always ignored. You're not even afraid of loosing me because you know that I'm always here for you. This is not about my pride, babe. This is about how you treat me, your girl. Yes, I do understand your excuses, your shits, everything! But I'm hurt. I'm pained. The scars, they're so deep that your eyes can't see. Please. Fix yourself.