I need someone who won’t get bored because I’m not sweet, not clingy and not verbally open. I don’t know. I’m just me. I need someone who will understand the monster inside me, someone who will accept me especially, my past. Just someone who won’t be tired of telling and proving me that I am loved.

Pensar de vs. Penser en

Both of these verbs mean “to think of,” but note the uses:

Pensar is used with the preposition dewhen you ask someone what he/she thinks of someone or something, when you ask for someone’s opinion.

Ejemplo: Que piensa Ud. de este libro? … Pienso que es bueno. (What do you think of this book? … I think it’s good).

Pensar is used with the preposition en when you ask someone what or whom he/she is thinking about.

Ejemplo: Miguel, no hablas mucho; “en qué piensas?” … Pienso en las vacaciones de verano. (Miguel, you aren’t talking much. What are you thinking about? … I’m thinking about summer break).