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Leliana is such trash and i hate her so much *50 photos of Llelaian fall out of my jacket* Thes ea re mfor a friend *nervous sweating* -HeadcAnon

Shhhh your secret is safe here. 

Wake up alone.
Never wake up to someone who doesn’t know who you are. Who doesn’t remember your last name or your birthday. Who can’t recall the last genuine conversation you both had — because they didn’t actually give a damn. Don’t wake up to someone who doesn’t kiss you and passionately. And trust me, if it’s real a kiss on the forehead can have you bothered for days. Don’t wake up to someone who doesn’t inquire about what’s going on up there — in your head, in your eyes — where you’re really alone. Don’t wake up to someone who can’t lie next to you without lusting for you. Who can’t appreciate the beauty of solitude. If they can’t love the sound of you breathing, how can they anything else? — it’s where it all begins.
Don’t wake up to someone who doesn’t smile when they see you open your eyes. They don’t belong there. Don’t wake up to someone who doesn’t hold you just to appreciate your physical manifestation for a little while longer. Don’t wake up to someone who cannot read you. Who cannot play with your fingers or tell you the truth. Who can’t bring you coffee or a good read. Who can’t put their phone, their distractions down for you.
Until you are loved, cherished.
Wake up alone.
—  EA (EmanationsOfAmber)


10 Reasons Why Literary Adaptation Webseries Fandoms Are the Best Kinds of Fandoms

1. Episodes are free and regular and easily available! Also, there can be several episodes a week, which is AWESOME.

2. Binge-watching is always possible, and because episodes are short, you can usually go on a  binge without the crippling guilt and exhaustion you get after bingeing a TV show.

3. Fandoms are tight-knit and happy. Everyone supports everyone, no shipwars, no drama, and the whole thing is one massive support group.

4. You can interact with fictional characters online. Full on conversations about anything and everything, and it’s the best thing ever.

5. You can easily interact with the creators and actors online, and they tend to be the coolest and most talented people ever, which is awesome.

6. People usually watch several webseries together, so there’s always someone to fangirl with.

7. Barely any hiatuses, and the ones there are are usually about 1 week.

8. They feel way more realistic than most TV shows or movies, so immersing yourself in them is easy.

9. Lots of these series are made by high school/college students, so it renews faith in our generation.

10. Your favourite classic novels come to life in the modern day and it’s beautiful and perfect and generally incredible.

Bonus Point : The shipping is ASDFGHJKL beyond words


12 Days of Geekmas with Insanelygaming: Day 5

You can’t fully experience the Sims 4 without a set of Sims 4 peripherals! If your Sims are inspired, angry, or elated, the Plumbob will change color to show just that! This instant feedback gives you a real-time connection directly into the lives of your Sims. This is by far one of my favorite products on my holiday gift guide. Get the gear that brings your mood to life. 

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