Durarara!! Pixels Masterpost

They’re here, the whole Drrr cast as pixels! It took me an infinite amount of hours but FINALLY

70 pixelings for you to use for your blog, pixel family or wherever you want (feel free to message me if I forgot someone)

Please do not repost and please credit properly when you use any

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So, it is basically how Mamiya Manami looks in manga (Artist: Satorigi Akiyo)

"RIGHT! Exactly, exactly, that’s what it was!! You were of no importance at all!! Yet you, a mere suicidal woman, have been so determined to murder me with your own hands that you lived another whole year and found me in this godforsaken place in less than half a day when all you heard was a little snippet of news on TV!!"  (Izaya and Manami scene)

Let’s wait and see her appearance in the next part of second season. 
(Well, at least I hope to see….)