Pathcode #D.O

Okay I’ve seen so many theories, so many thing on every PATHCODE teaser that there is. So I’m gonna talk about d.os teaser I’m not gonna talk about how everything connects hopefully because then I’ll just go on and on and never stop lol.


Okay so In d.os teaser you see him calm looking around the building he’s in bored, but he also looks like he’s waiting for something or should I say SOME ONE (s) ? Lol. Well anyway what I get from d.os teaser is that he sent a signal to everyone (Maybe that’s we he is last I’ll explain more) because he is the one sending signals he has all ten balls in his hand and he’s playing with them there’s 7 on the floor lined up neatly while he has 3 in his hand I don’t know if it means anything but I think it does (I think 7 have awakened and there’s only 3 to wake up and that’s why he’s playing with them like that in his hand because he’s sending them signals?) but he has like visions of every member and he doesn’t have rings on meaning that Kyungsoo is awake maybe he was the first member to escape and wake up and he’s trying to wake everyone else up sending them signals trying to get them all back together.

(((((Edited))) {{{{Like in KAIS teaser kai had a flashback or a vision of d.o probably meaning he was looking for Kyungsoo or SM telling us d.o was the first to escape and I’m just talking nonsense now}}}}} • stupid me I forgot to add. • in baekhyuns teaser he was already headed somewhere else I didn’t see his hands so I don’t know if he’s awake or not. But then something starts chasing him maybe Baekhyun is still asleep, and the “someone” was d.o telling Baekhyun “Someone is coming” or something like that. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I just added that so.

I don’t know, but that’s what it seems too me I’ve watched it like 3,000 times already haha. Well agree or disagree if you wanna join this theory you’re very welcomed to its just my opinion so yall don’t freak out.

exo x gods, figures and creatures from mythology→

kyungsoo as tapio the spirit, king and god of the forest in finnish folklore. those who would wish to hunt in his domain would pray to him for success, for they were hunting in his kingdom, his game. his nature can be quite fickle however, jumping from a gracious life-giver and humble host to a dark, angered god. he plays a role in the epic finnish poem, the kalevala.