art: Daniel Krall, animation: Bart Browne

Invoking requires great ability and self-sacrifice in order to call an underworld being or power into the Catalist Universe. Believed to have been lost over 200 years ago in the Great Magi Wars, The Blackhearts are but of one exclusive group that still possess this dark and elusive magic, and who are especially secretive with the techniques they use. What little but widely is known is that each member’s hairless skin is dotted with curious tattoos and scars, all having endured great strife and surpassing challenges in order to control such mighty powers.

This motel is ancient, but beautiful. Unfortunately, the bathrooms are located down the hall.  After I returned from the bathroom, I realized I forgot the key on the counter of the room.  Luckily, I saw that the girlfriend was in the room, per indication of her casted shadow dancing below the door. After several knockings with no response, I was surprised when she approached me from behind and asked why I was waiting outside.  We opened the door and no one was inside.  I highly recommend Aida Plaza Motel in San Francisco. Take your key with you when you use the bathroom.