Tyler Solo Panel
  • Derek worries about Stiles and cares about him even if he won’t ever tell him  
  • fav scene with stiles from season 2- the paralyzed scene in the floor
  • Tyler Favorite scene of season 2: Stiles and Derek both paralyzed on the floor
  • Tyler about how he imagines Derek’s father: loving and caring dad
  • Derek possessed by the nogitsune is one of tyler’s favorite scenes and he likes when he plays the bad guy, it’s funny
  • If Tyler could time travel he would like to be in the Roman Empire age.
  •  if you could time travel where in time would u go (?) - he would go back when the roman empire was prosperous
  •  tyler really enjoyed TMR and thinks dylan did a great job, he didn’t see stiles he saw the character of the movie and for him it’s a huge compliment for an actor
  • Tyler saw the maze runner recently and thinks it’s really good and that Dylan did and incredible job
  • "What do you have in common with Derek?" "My eyes."
  • The sense of humor is what Tyler has in common with Derek
  • "what do you have in common with derek?" "EYES! not when they’re red tho, not then"
  • most challenging and rewarding scenes: Boyd’s death and the one with JR when derek was possessed by the nogitsune
  • Tyler is imitating @iamjrbourne and @IanBohen hahah
  •  a fan just asked tyler if he can say to jeff that the fans want more Sterek scene - ty: i’ll see what i can do and the audience cheered UWU
  • Tyler Would like to play a villain who is good in what he does, and that everybody loves to hate
  • Tyler fav villain is the Joker
  • If Derek and Tyler could meet: Derek is cooler than me and I would never want to meet him
  • Derek will probably be mad at Tyler because he still has a family
  • If Derek was human he would be more like the Sheriff
  • match a perfume and a taste to the tw set - blood and protein shake xD
  • Tyler is inspired by Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney, Tom Hanks and many others actors

(Sources: lucyboo, Pandora, Chiara Pota, Captain Hook)

anonymous asked:

The fans, I heard, didn't necessarily boo, they said No. But I'm sure there was a few booing because someone had to have heard that. But it still doesn't change the fact that the audience didn't like Derek and Braeden together and were put off that it was implied that Draeden would continue. I applaud the Italian fans because they didn't sugarcoat their opinions they said how they feel. Also applaud the fan who told TH to ask JD for more Sterek scenes haha.

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Things that happened on the show at the same time ratings started to drop: Stiles and Derek had less scenes together, Malia was introduced, Stalia began, Draeden began, Lydia had less scenes, Derek became a Scott stan, Liam was introduced, Stiles and Scott bromance started to be a background thing, unnecessary love stories began, and Stiles character was written differently.