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I wish that Chris had been the one to help Derek with learning how to use a gun. For one, he probably knows how to actually hold a gun properly. And two, he probably wouldn't just brush Derek's concern/fear of guns to the side and would help him work through it.

So do I anon. I would have loved to see more CA/DH interaction. They wasted all of that build up from 3B.


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My dream fusion for Teen Wolf would be a fusion with Season 2 of Teen Wolf. Allison would be alive. Derek's betas would all be there. There would be no Malia and the badass everyone talks about would be Eaddy Mays who plays Victoria Argent.

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i honestly don't understand why people hate braeden so much. // People don't hate her. They hate the way TW writers give Derek girlfriends every season. Like you know Jeff did it just to piss off sterek fans. Derek was abused, he should be healing and not having sex every 2 months. Because the time span between 3b and 4 was just a few weeks. Kate came back and Derek didn't even mention a thing about her. He was acting like a robot. [1]

Braeden has added nothing to the plot, she was there just to be Derek LI. Some say she was helping Derek defendend himself. Like really? What about Chris? He was more relevant. Derek and Chris have a connection, Kate. Now why Jeff didn’t explore this, is beyond my understanding. [2]