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When talking about queer and androgynous fashion, I always put myself in a place where, I am none and both. Nor one nor the other and all at the same time. I understand my masculine fashion sense does not implicate my femininity and I am mostly perceived as a women the wears bow ties and ties. A women that transgresses but is not in your face. Double takes do not bother me and people don’t usually feel threatened by my transgressiveness. Nonetheless, queerness inspires me to never be frightened, to never stop being me perceived and conceived. Constructed and disruptive. I love me. The space I occupy and the human being I keep deconstructing with the help of an immensely talented community of amazing unicorns.

Thank you.


Meet Asma’u | A new member of the Ezibota contributor team

“My name is Asma’u Shaheedah. Shaheedah is not my surname. I had always officially used my surname until few years back when I decided to drop it and adopt my first and middle names.

I am a Muslim Hausa girl from Northern Nigeria. I was born and raised in Kano State, Nigeria until my paternal grandmother died and my father decided it was too much for him to have to keep coming to the city where his mother no longer lived. I speak Hausa, English, Turkish and am currently learning French. I have one older sister, a younger brother and two amazing little sisters. My father worked in Southern Nigeria and moved around a lot so in 2001, we packed up and moved to Lagos Nigeria. I do not remember most of my childhood in Lagos state but I continued my primary education there.”

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The end of another Elsanna week

Alas, here we stand at the end of another Elsanna week. It’s been a week full of drama, a bit of politics, but mainly awesome writing and great fanart. This is the end of my second Elsanna week and it always makes me happy when these weeks role around. Sure, it could be seen as a few days where we get a few prompts and churn out what we can, but it’s so much more than that. Elsanna week is not only an entry point for new members, or the opportunity for previous attendees to get back into the rhythm, no it’s far beyond that. In these weeks we get our chance to stand up above the other communities and shout “Hey, we’re pretty proud to write/draw Elsanna, and this is why!”

Our communities, or fandom if you will, is one that has a few issues, I’m not going to lie. But here we stand, many, many months after the release of Frozen, still doing the thing we love. Our community has no shortage of talent, I don’t have to mention the big names, they know who they are. But it’s not just them, all of us has provided a signal to others, showing that this community isn’t just some little idea a few of us like. This community provides us all the chance to show what we love about Elsa and Anna being in a romantic relationship. The big time contributors are a source of inspiration, but everyone matters in this community. Whether we have written one little fic, or put our several with hundreds of followers, we all contribute to that spark of our community. No matter your skill level, we all pour ourselves into our content, our blood, sweat and tears. That is what matters. Never be discouraged for being part of this community. Myself and others will stand at your side. Rookie or experienced, someone who is writing for the first time or has written a million words, I do not care. Thank you for being a member of this community.

Umbra Mortis

Help Me Make it Through the Night

Annie misses a meeting with Frankie and knowing her like he does Jeff finds Annie hiding out in a storage closet but is surprised by the blue pills she keeps in her backpack and Jeff gets a hard reminder that for an addict, the fight is never over, also this is my first time writing Jeff x Annie

Jeff was already holding his cell phone in his hand when it vibrated so he saw immediately that Frankie was calling him, which was weird because she knew he was in class and she didn’t seem like the kind of person who would intentionally disrupt the learning process but since he was happy to have any reason to ditch class he stood up and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him.

“What’s up?”

“Sorry to bother you, I know you’re teaching.”

“Not today, pop quiz. What did you need.”

“It, uh, it’s not me,” she managed to get out and Jeff felt a small worm of worry move around in his gut.


“Annie was supposed to meet me for a follow up about committee business but she didn’t show.”

“Have you tried calling her?” he suggested but his sarcasm seemed to go over her head.

“Multiple times, it just goes straight to her voicemail. Her car is still here but no one’s seen her since her last class an hour ago.”

Jeff quickly went through possible scenarios, Annie had just gotten her six month tune up last week so it wasn’t car problems, Abed had sent out a text earlier that day saying he was doing something…Abed-ish and wouldn’t be available until the meeting later so he hadn’t picked up Annie to do something. Britta was doing her psych research and he was beginning to realize he knew entirely too much about his friends’ lives.

And it left him with only one conclusion which would explain Annie’s mysterious disappearance and more importantly why she would miss out a meeting.

Jeff turned on his heels, opened the door to his classroom and waited till he had the attention of the 20 or so students before speaking, “Hey, once you’re done with the quiz you can leave. Whoever collects the quizzes and puts them on my desk gets extra credit.”

On the other end of the phone he heard Frankie’s confusion, “Jeff? I don’t think-“

“I’m pretty sure I know where she’s going to be,” he told her as he moved down the halls. “I’ll text you when I know she’s okay.”

“Okay, good. I feel kind of stupid for worrying, but it just didn’t seem like Annie to not let me know she wouldn’t be able to make our meeting.”

“No, you made the right call,” he assured her but he was too distracted to put much effort into sounding sincere. “Thanks.”

He hung up the phone and stuck it in his back pocket and finally found his way to the storage closest where Annie had once found him a few years ago after she’d publicly embarrassed him but when he tried to turn the knob it was locked. With a sigh he dropped his head heavily against the door.

“Annie, open the door or I’ll get Chang to break in for me.”

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Reminder that Alison Brie was casted on Community even when they wanted an Asian girl to be Annie.

Also reminder that The Five Year Engagement wanted a british actress to play Emily Blunt’s sister but they chose Alison Brie instead who has an american accent.

That’s how good she is. They want something, Alison Brie shows up, they forget what they wanted for the role because Alison is the freaking best.