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Prompt: Annie begs Finnick to stand up to Snow, but he won't listen. He's afraid that if he stands up to Snow, he'll kill Annie and Mags.

"You can’t go on like this."

Annie’s voice was dark but steady, her body still. Her legs were swinging without her even realizing, not even reaching the wooden floor from the kitchen counter she was sitting on. Finnick was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed on his chest.

"You know I can’t. Everything I do, everything I say - god, everything I think, comes back to you. And Mags," Finnick shook his head. How many times they had been trough with this conversation? Every week. Finnick wanted to do as Annie suggested, as she demanded, but he couldn’t. How could he ever say no to the Capitol? Two little letters, and he’d lose everything. Everything. Mags. And Annie. Finnick’s gaze searched for Annie’s eyes, and finally she dared to look at him. 

"Please." Her voice broke into heart-breaking begging. “I can’t just look at how he takes bits and pieces of you every time you receive a invitation to the Capitol. The hollow look in your eyes when you come back home,” Annie kept on going, and Finnick stared at her. He wanted more than anything to refuse, to refuse having those drunken, sick nights with the Capitolian women. He hated it.

But Annie. Whatever he did, it all came back to her. How could Finnick ever keep on going if the light in her sea-green eyes would be gone, if her body would be buried in to the ground? Finnick couldn’t live. He’d rather die than live without her. 

Finnick took a few steps to Annie who was still sitting on the counter, staring at him with heart-breaking sorrow in her bright eyes. Finnick walked to her, stopping still between her legs, taking her hands in his. On that moment, Annie actually was a few centimeters taller than Finnick, and he had to look up to her.

"I can’t, Ans. You know that everything I do will come back to you - Snow will kill you, if I refuse," Finnick answered, his hand wandering to Annie’s cheek, his thumb caressing her soft skin. "You are my everything, Annie Cresta. And there will never be a day I will stop loving you. And if you’d die, I’d die with you.”

Annie’s eyes teared. Finnick muttered soft words, and finally the tears started rolling down her cheeks. Finnick placed his other hand to Annie’s other cheek, wiping away the tears with his thumbs. “We’ll be fine, Annie. Don’t be scared. I love you, and I’ll protect you with more than just my life. I will protect you with my life, my heart, my soul.” 

Annie smiled through her tears, her legs gently wrapping around Finnick’s hips, pulling him closer. "I love you," she breathed, her forehead pressed against his. 

"I love you too, Annie," Finnick murmured, closing his eyes, his thumbs still doing gentle patterns on her cheeks. And after a few seconds, their lips met in a bliss of desire, love and pure devotion.

Brand partnerships can be a goldmine for today’s biggest YouTubers. But 22-year-old Connor Franta, who boasts a digital footprint of 5 million followers, would much rather build brands of his own.

Connor Franta is an amazing human being & deserves all the happiness and success. Reading this article made me teary realizing how far this little swimmer from Minnesota has come, he has done amazing with almost 4M subscribers & Crown. There is so much more & I cant wait to keep being a witness of the wonderful achievements that are to come. You have taught me so much & inspire me to keep reaching for my dreams. I am blessed to call myself part of the frantastic frandom. Thank you so very much connorfranta  I LOVE YOU & 2K15 I CANT WAIT FOR YOU <3