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Castle 7.01 “Driven” - sneak peek 1 (low quality)

A huge thank you to @BRCaskett for recording & @ShippersQueens for sending me the video. <3

Castlefanfics' Follower's Favourite Fics

List of all the fics that my followers chose as their favourites! If you have a favourite fic you would like to add to this list, feel free to let me know and I will add it!

In brackets is the person who submitted it. 

Stolen Sky by Cora Clavia (thewriterinthebatcave)

Kiss Me Castle by Cora Clavia (@mcmanda2)

Waiting Game by muppet47 (aspenmusing, itsamoo, lousiemcdoogle)

Castling by muppet47 (impatienttoassume)

Not Ready to Make Nice by Liv Wilder (thecreamtomycoffee)

Of Finding Innocence by FanficwriterGHC (@cicinicole-14, alwayscatchingkillers, rizzlescastleeverywhere )

Attachment Syndrome by FanficwriterGHC ( officerbeckett @life-on-a-swingset, drinkingcastleskoolaid, riversnogs, @mcmanda2)

Whatever We Lose by Cartographical  (never-ending-dance)

Vice by Sandiane Carter (caskettmylife)

Against All Odds by Sandiane Carter (creativitydoesnotexistinthisdojo, @castleismyguiltypleasure)

Fix You by Sandiane Carter (castleramblings)

Just an echo by ekc293 (@detectivekhoughtonb)

Dash Series by chezchuckles  (algimi , @mcmanda2)

Dash It All by chezchuckles (thetenerife-sea)

Close Encounters by chezchuckles (greenk, blackwidowxhawkeye )

Concrete Angel by Stephensmat (@asuperwholockianwithocd) 

silence is star-like by closingdoors (det-beckett)

heart so helpless by closingdoors (@ellsweetella)

Take You Break Me by eyrianone (dancingontiptoes)

Second Chance by KrissaBelle7 (beckettshooha)

Blizzard by Googie (elephantstheyneverforget)

The Worst of Words by Kate Christie (drinkingcastleskoolaid)

Jane Doe by seilleanmor (underworldobsessed)

More Than Together by seilleanmor  (writer-monkey47)

Captain by Cassie Bones (eilidh-kins)

Adagio by JillianCasey (findinggaby)

The Ends Opening Into New Ends Always by recycled-stars (@nonplaudite)

Another Life by BerkieLynn (castleramblings)

slipped away by bravevulnerability (alwayswiththecoffee)

What We Are Willing To Give by A Beauty to the Rhythm (Lala111202)

Perchance to Dream by Garrae (Lala111202)

that once was singing gold by foreignlander (zingercaskett)