When I desire you a part of me is gone; your lack is my lack. I would not be in want of you unless you had partaken of me, the lover reasons. “A hole is being gnawed in [my] vitals” says Sappho. “You have snatched my lungs out of my chest,” and “pierced me right through the bones” says Archilochos. “You have worn me down,” (Alkman) “grated me away,” (Archilochos) “devoured my flesh,” (Archilochos) “sucked my blood,” (Theokritos) “mowed off my genitals,” (Archilochos) “stolen my reasoning mind” (Theognis).
—  Anne Carson, Eros: The Bittersweet.

Carson, Calif., took a radical step on Thursday when its city council unanimously voted to criminalize bullying. Now, if you harass someone under the age of 26, you would be charged with an infraction or a misdemeanor, and your parents might be held partially responsible as well.

Under the new ordinance, harassment would be defined as “any conduct, whether verbal, physical, written or by means of any mode of communication” that causes a person to feel “terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed or molested and which serves no legitimate purpose.” It would apply to victims from kindergarten to age 25.

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1 month ago today my dear cousin #Katrina (😇 @trina_renae) was murdered in the city of #Carson, CA the day before #MothersDay she leaves behind four beautiful daughters Ages 11, 7 year old twins, & a 4 year old.

We still have trouble accepting that fact that she’s gone, so we won’t. She was 28 years young energetic, & full of life. She will never be able to reach her fullest potential because her life was cut short because of someone else’s ignorance.

So to all of my followers be safe out there, stopping taking life for granted, & tell your loved ones you love them while they are still here breathing. Don’t make the mistake that I did.

#WeLoveYou #WeMissYou #JusticeForKatrina #TheRobinHoodProject #RobinHoodProject @whenarichniggawantyou #RIPSunshine 💔 (at Live In The Sky Katrina 😇)

There is something uniquely convincing about the perceptions that occur to you when you are in love. They seem truer than other perceptions, and more truly your own, won from reality at personal cost. Greatest certainty is felt about the beloved as necessary complement to you. Your powers of imagination connive at this vision, calling up possibilities from beyond the actual. All at once a self never known before, which now strikes you as the true one, is coming into focus. A gust of godlikeness may pass through you and for an instant a great many things look knowable, possible and present. Then the edge asserts itself. You are not a god. You are not that enlarged self. Indeed, you are not even a whole self, as you now see. Your new knowledge of possibilities is also a knowledge of what is lacking in the actual.
—  Anne Carson, Eros: The Bittersweet.
The Wolf and The Vampire


Lex was curled up in the woods cradling herself as she ignored the illusion standing over top of her. Everything had gone so wrong

She had intended to go visit her little brother and his daughter, and his lover if she could put up with her. When she got here, she found out that they had left, after encounter a ghost from their past. Unfortunately, this ghost found her.

Alex had been after her off and on for the last few years, because every the two vampires ended up in the same town, Lex would assist the hunters after Alex, either warning them away, or providing them a safe shelter.

She’d finally escaped from where Alex had been keeping her when the vampire went off in search of a certain loup garou, though she had left her with a present, mind games that threatened to shatter Lex’s sanity. So lost, she didn’t even notice the stranger approaching.