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I admit it, I’m a hopeless case.  I fire OTPs left right and centre, I ship any pairing that’s worth shipping, and if it ain’t worth it, I ship it anyways.

But Branson and Sybil… GOD.  It’s the truest OTP I have ever laid my eyes on.  They’re just anything, EVERYTHING, anyone would wish to be or  to become.  For starters, both of them have flaws: him with his crazy (and lovable) Irish antics, and her with her stubbornness (honestly I thought she had killed herself, hitting her head against that wagon).  And they are so so perfect for each other, i just -

And how the writers managed to develop their storyline, come on, who would be against that?  It was nerve wrecking, they took their time, (will she kiss him? now? will he kiss her? now?!) but would it have been so natural if they had rushed it?  

Lady S is hesitant, any human being would be.  It was the Great War, everybody was in a rush - you’ll be killed, let’s hit it, nail and hammer (sorry, don’t know where that came from) - yet she wanted to be sure, she wanted everything to be real, not the result of some hasty decision.  And him, the gentleman that he is, he waited for her, not doubting her for a single moment.

He just loved looking at her.  What’s sweeter than that?  Forget the whole I-met-my-princess-once-now-I’ll-daydream-about-her-till-shit-starts-falling-from-the-sky.  He fell in love with her gradually, his feelings getting stronger and stronger each time, just as would happen to any normal human being.  It’s not like most movies/series, with all that bullshit about love at first sight - this is the real deal.  He would take in her every detail.  He would tell himself after looking at her that she was the most beautiful being on this earth.  He would look at her in awe while taking in her perfection.  He would smile at her every move, her every facial expression.  He would just take her in, like a breath of fresh air.  There’s this image of falling, deliciously slowly, till DAMN - chemistry.  

And I simply love the way it’s not one sided from the very start.  Sure, he had his share of stares and glances, but she was always starting their conversations.  It was her that went to him, not the other way round.  Gentlemen don’t rush their ladies.  Of course, he was cocky, him telling her that she was in love with him.  But at least it was well founded, wasn’t it?

When she died, it was the death of me.  They were the real life couple, in my opinion more real than even Mary and Matthew.  They were realistic in many ways.  Besides the gradual falling in love, they quarreled, but over nonsense basically.  There was nothing serious, nothing out of this world.  Nothing from the likes of soap operas.  Her father didn’t approve?  Many face that same situation even nowadays, class or no class.  And he made mistakes, like leaving her behind while he made a run for it (god i would have killed him), and she doubted him too, for instance when learning about his attending those meetings in Season 3.  But they forgave each other, they accepted each other’s faults.  There’s no, what? you lied to me? you’re not an Adonis, a marble statue of perfection?  Divorce. Now. You get the dinner jacket.  I get the car. 

They were simply perfect(I’m using this a lot, ain’t I?).  Which is why even her death brought us all back to reality, in that they were indeed real, both in good times and even in tragedy. And I’ll admit it, I cried, out loud, and I still can’t grasp the reason why I really did it, I can’t even -

Naming their daughter Sybil?  It may be cheesy, but it’s perfect.  Tom himself states that she was the only link left to her mama.  When you reach their level of love, the love Sybil Crawley and Branson shared, you realize it goes beyond physical love.  It’s just more pure.  So Sybil B really is a link to Sybil C, as for Branson his Sybil is not dead, but lives on in his daughter, and he gets to look at her with as much love and care and tenderness as he used when with her mama.  Just look at him.  It’s that same look, over and over again.  Allan Leech gets that, which is why I believe he is one of the most amazing actors on this show.  It goes to show that this indeed goes beyond physical attraction.  It has value.  And the love Mr B had for Mrs B, mixed with paternal love for little Princess Sybbie, has no boundaries.  It’s immense.

This is why I love the Bransons so much.  They’re any situation, any man and lady, with both shares of good and bad luck to last their days, without anything too much out of ordinary.  

What has a hopeless shipper left to say?  May Branson and Sybil B get to live the happy life they deserve.  For the sake of both their sanity and (more importantly) mine.