AAAah ! Oh la la, ils sont trop mignon !!

I got a lot of requests to make these two awesome characters and I couldn’t resist to animate them ^^

I really love their design, it’s so simple and adorable, it really make me feel happy !

I enjoyed a lot Banjo and Kazooie when I was young and still enjoy it, so I’m ready to live a new epic adventure with two epic heroes !

I saw that they reached their goal, I’m really happy for all the team, they worked hard so we had to show that we are still there, supporting !

I wish all of the best for the Playtonic team, can’t wait to play and listen to all the song !! (I listened to ukulele song while making this ^U^)

Yooka and Laylee (Really love their names !) belongs to Playtonicgames.


I’m please to announce that my “solid galaxy” bat is up for sale on Ebay. This bat is made completely from custom printed minky fabric. It has quilt batting in the wings and ears to add thickness and help stabilize them. The body is weighted with polypellets and it has a pyrite charm on a ribbon around its neck.

I am not very familiar with Ebay. I occasionally list things just to test the waters. I figured this would be a good plush to put up there since I’ve had a HUGE amount of interest and a lot of people stating yesterday they wanted to buy it, but couldn’t do so today due to time restraints.

Hopefully this will let a few more people have a shot at getting the bat they want.