[Sage looked into her bedroom mirror as she wondered when going out with Penn Orville was something that was socially acceptable. She figured he was much different now, but it still felt weird to think of him as being a friend now. She recalled briefly on her sixteenth birthday that a younger Penn had gotten a group of jocks to sing for her, and for a moment she’d felt something for him. But, then of course Jensen had definitely made a much huger impression. That didn’t matter now though, from what she had heard he was going after a different redhead. Sage stopped herself from thinking about that type of stuff as she brushed her hair one last time. Going downstairs and through the hallway, she didn’t bother to say anything to her parents. She simply opened the door and waited outside for the new and improved Penn to show up to the curb of her house.]


badgirlsclubconfessions said:

Question: this isn't a confession or anything, I just wanted to reach out to you guys for your opinions lol. I am extremely curious as to who your favorite characters/cast members are because this place has nothing but hate messages and I want to know how you guys feel seeing them about the people you adore? Like for me, it's irritating seeing people slut shame Naya and be rude about Darren. How do you guys react when you see them? Or have you gotten used to them already.

I assume since this question hasn’t been answered yet, I’ll answer it with my own opinions, at the moment. But the other members of the team will more than likely answer, as well!

For me, my favorite character has been - and always will be - Sue Sylvester. Cast member-wise, I love them all, but I’m partial to Harry Shum Jr. and Vanessa Lengies. I also love Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, Ashley Fink, and Becca Tobin.

I can’t speak for everyone, but when I see hate or shaming towards the actors, it gets me a little down. I mean, I’m not telling people they’re not allowed to voice their own opinions (because this IS a confession blog). However, actors are real and they have real emotions and probably aren’t half of what some people claim they are. To me, if those who voice themselves and their hatred for an actor were actually in the presence of the actor, they would be more respectful. Not everyone would do that, but I’m sure some would.

It just gets tiring to hear the same confession over and over - i.e. Naya is a slut, Lea is fake, Darren is a famewhore, Dianna can’t act, Chris’ writing sucks, etc. We get lots of confessions like that.

We also get lots of confessions about Quick’s pregnancy, the Klaine makeout scene, Kurtofsky’s kiss, unhealthy relationships, #gleehatesgirls… We get it. You are entitled to what you think. But confession after confession? It gets boring after so much. Not saying you should stop, but just letting you know we hear you. We make graphics. All of our followers hear you. Over and over again.

I personally feel that adminning this blog killed my love for the show. I will always stan Cory/Finn and Becca/Kitty, but beyond that I don’t really care about any of it anymore.

~ Amber

I’m not as much of a glee fan as I use to be but if I had to choose cast members/characters I like the most, I’d choose Dianna, Amber, Quinn, Mercedes, and Kitty. Personally, I’m pretty indifferent towards most of the confessions sent in about the characters but the ones that usually get me down/are sometimes uncomfortable to make are the slut shaming ones/most negative things said about the actors. Like stated above, this IS a confessions blog and people are allowed to voice their opinions whether we agree with them or not. These are just my feelings though and while (like also stated above) it does get a bit tiring to make some of the same things, I’m not going to let it get in the way of making confessions and my opinions shouldn’t dissuade you guys from sending in your thoughts.


To be honest, the hate doesn’t phase me anymore. When I started here it was a bit shocking to see so much of it at once, but once I got used to the amount of it, it just became boring. It’s the same stuff over and over again. I try to amuse myself with the pictures used but for the most part the best way I can describe the confessions is ‘In one ear, out the other’. I think about them about as long as it takes to make it, tag it and queue it. Probably less. 

As for who our favorites are, we made a post about that a while ago. Some of our newer admins have added on their own information. You can check that out for yourselves.




A lot of people are furious with the AP for this Renisha McBride tweet

In a case that highlights yet again the often deadly combination of racial profiling and gun ownership, Renisha McBride’s murderer was convicted Thursday on charges of second-degree murder.

Although McBride’s tragic story is one of precious few examples in which black victims of racial profiling receive the media attention and jury verdicts they deserved, such was not the case in the immediate aftermath of the McBride verdict. In fact, the Associated Press, one of the most respected wire sources worldwide, sent out a particularly galling tweet Thursday, reducing the situation to a “Detroit homeowner” who “fatally shot a drunk woman” on his porch.

Institutional privilege is still a problem for both the media and the public alike.

AP blogs are tough to find on Tumblr, so I’ve made a collection of all the AP blogs I could find, sorted by subject. Some haven’t updated for a while, but all the same the resources provided by the blogs are still usable and I highly recommend finding a way to use Tumblr to get some productive AP studying done! The list is quite small, so if you know of any more, feel free to send me a message! A part of my "get studying" series!

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