Moon in the 7th House - A Cosmic Dating Agency

Natal Moon in the 7th house people orient themselves toward fulfilling relationships and maintaining healthy social collaborations. The Moon finds a natural home in Libra’s 7th House, where themes of partnership, co-operation, marriage, equity, justice and the public come to play with Luna’s sympathy, intuition and elusiveness. 7th house Moon personalities look towards relationships in forming security, and seek out their idealised ”perfect partner” who promises completion and belonging. The Moon here seeks out companions to join them on life’s explorations, and experience intense bursts of joy when being accompanied on the adventure.

7th House Moons are sensitively attune to their relationships, and possess borderline psychic perceptions of their partner’s well being. It becomes all too easy for these types to lose themselves completely in relationships; all while adapting the intrinsic parts of them to the values and ideologies of their partner. These individuals run the risk of becoming mirrors of their loved ones. They may compromise their own beliefs to keep the peace and lose themselves completely, . Unconscious dependency can become projected onto partners; and placements around here suggest the attraction of partners who may be overprotective, or the possibility of a young marriage. The Moon here has a tendency of remaining in destructive relationships for fear of loneliness and abandonment. It may be hard for them to comprehend that some people only act to aggravate their sense of isolation and only make them feel more alone.

Moon in the 7th House individuals are hypersensitive to public opinion and may withhold their beliefs and opinions for fear of rejection and criticism. The feeling as if they may ‘belong’ to the public sphere may inflame their personal relationships and require excess adoration and appreciation from others. The Moon here are highly receptive to emotional undercurrents and possess a great sympathy for the sufferance of others; their professional capacities running the gamut from counsellor to artist to actor. Luna bestows her most charmed qualities here through the realm of our relationships, and these individuals shine like the moonlight, where the alone and the lonely gather around her at night.