Six Feats Under played Inverse World! And I did the character art.

This game is Gnome’s baby and that makes me it’s weird uncle, so I asked the crew if they wanted quick and wildly inconsistent art of their characters to thank them for playing it when the session was first recorded.

Drawing these fellas has helped me make a ton of new friends (and even the chance to guest on Six Feats Under myself!), so even if it’s only been a month or so since I drew these they feel super nostalgic already.

Here’s Chet and Madoka recreating a climactic scene from our Breakfast Cult session! Art is by Maddi Gonzalez, one of the Breakfast Cult artists. I’m told this illustration will be for the rulebook’s teamwork section, which is beyond perfect. Having our session as a part of this game (even a small part) is one of the coolest experiences to come from making Six Feats Under so far and I’m really jazzed about it. Check out the rest of Maddi’s art too, she’s fantastic!

The Year of Six Feats Under!

Welcome to 2015! You made it, and we are so proud of you. We have big plans for this year and it’s time to share them with you. Last year was a time to learn what our show is and could be while we made it, now we’re going to apply those lessons and run with them. To start with here are three things we pledge to bring to you during The Year of Six Feats Under!

First, our website WILL launch. We’ve been planning and teasing it for too long now, it’s time to get it done and get it to you. We’ve been seeing drafts and previews and you’re going to love it.

Second, since we’ve added Gnome (of LiberiGothica Games) to our fold he has begun plans to run another long-term campaign under our banner! No news yet, but if you listened to our podchat on diceless/nonstandard games you’ve heard some of the leading contenders for the system we’ll be playing.

Third: The thrilling conclusion of Let’s Play The 13th Age! The party is knocking on the door of Epic Tier and the keys are nearly collected, you knew it had to happen sometime. That’s just math. But we’re planning for it, and it’s going to be an ending well worth the journey.

All this, and more as we continue to bring great games and great guests together to make our Bonus Feats episodes something to look forward to. So come on and join us, and bring your friends too. What do you say? It’s the Year of 6FU!


Lonely little petunia

The Lasers of the Benedict now know how the evo station crew was wiped out, but not why–  blind emotion ruled the scene. Malevolence is not necessary to cause harm, and valor can be as misplaced as anger. They follow up on their leads at the unnamed settlements within the city’s ruins. Many bumpy introductions aside, the crew draws closer and closer to the source of the psycho-electronic interference that has dogged them since they arrived.

Ironicus runs the adventure for dangerous pilot Jackets O'Tarker (Keith Carberry), rookie tech Bentley Rudkin (Phil Kollar), the unmistakably unremarkable Norman Averáge (Ambisagrus), diminutive medic Julius Joestar (Gnome), bloodthirsty bug Ka-Cha (Drakkel), and heartbroken machine Eos (Ikks).

Click here to see the crew’s portraits by Cataegory!

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