no words.


While we have many deals and packages (ask about them!) our prices begin as follows:

Car Detail: $100.00

Truck Detail: $125.00

Van Detail: $150.00

Our service includes a wash, dry, wax, sweep and shampoo. (Check out our pictures, you’ll be impressed). We’d love to set you up for monthly car washes and get you started on our 4-month detail plan so your car will look good all year! Call us to schedule an appointment at (937)508-6352.

Shut Your Freakin’ Gobb N’ Listen (EP) - Marty McDoom

An Ep I Made Last Year To Express Some Shit I Was Going Thru On The Love Tip….Just Getting Feelings Out And It Happened To Turn Out Great….It Got Good Feedback and I Got a Good Response From The People, But i Still Feel Like Its Slept On…So Check It Out and Shoot a Message To My Ask Box and Tell Me What You Think