[TRANS] No-Title by Zelo lyrics

Intro) Can’t I be the role model before the world corrects my character

I open my eyes in indifference rather than in the spreading silence

We make days of the future

There is no more to say but this

I am also a merchandise of a small business

So crawl, and come inside now

Hurry up, pick this up

Turn the music on with that mouth ran by a fool

A heart without any scars or any guilt like yours

We overthrow the whole world with a fresh world domination

With the money that is secretly rotating,

Someone shuts their mouth up

I want the truth. I hope for it  

You earn dirtily and you play dirtily

I don’t know who bought it but I also become a black crow in this industry business

Your activities, your behaviors till now, release it into the world

You had your own thoughts as well when it was kept silent, before you ran away

That made up fabrication, is it still a mystery?

Mr. real? This is the faucet

Polietly go and steer that rear cart or the darkness away  

Pull out the real one and if you are guilty go take a breath


I don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
I don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
Oh hell no
I don’t mess with ya’ll now
I don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
Oh hell no (x2)

If you practice benevolence three times, you can even get away with murder

No, I rather have the visit of the death

How dare you look at the dying person jokingly

No you are a blow fish filled with poison in my young eyes

A world without responsibilities

If its a common custom then its the end of it  

I am standing at the edge of this reality where I want to escape

Standing against the high-browed distant eyes that I am afraid of

The mindset behind this act of yours,

If it’s just by nature instead of teaching, then it’s just spit

‘So I gotta chillin’

Is to give someone your trust that big of a discourtesy?

Why treat the truth as a grave over a few pieces of paper

Now at this moment,

To stay among this society is not safe

There is no one who is clean that reached up to success

However, to us who are different, there are groups to follow one after another

It is a complete landslide

Together, using this disaster as a logging, we can erase it


I don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
I don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
Oh hell no
I don’t mess with ya’ll now
I don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
Oh hell no (x2)

Outro) Can’t I be a role model before the world corrects my character



We have to talk about his!!! I had much lesser expectations, but DAMN HE KILLED IT!!! I have no words, I LOVE THIS!!!

What do you think?

who you should fight in bap and why

yongguk: hypothetically, he would probably win. personally i wouldn’t fight him. but honestly why would you fight your own father to begin with? who do you think you are?

himchan: 50% chance that you could beat himchan. Maybe more. but look at him, he is already tired all the time. look in his eyes and you see nothing. there’s a good possibility you can win but the point is, why would you even want to fight him. Just let him live

daehyun: fight daehyun. kick him and his greasy ass to the ground and just fight him. get youngjae to join you and maybe even jongup and just go wild

youngjae: it could go either way. you can probably fight him but he’s smart as all hell and could probably pull some nasty trick on you and cause your defeat. itd probably be better and more entertaining to just throw him & daehyun in a cage and watch them duke it out anyways

jongup: he could probably win in a physical fight alone but if you think about it this would go absolutely nowhere. you try and throw a punch but due to his excessive exposure to bad anime, chris browns entire discography and daehyun as a whole his movements are unpredictable and he is able to swiftly dodge your attack. he smiles. you have no idea what this means. you give up

zelo: what the hell is wrong with you you savage animal