i wanna say that although votes do count towards the mama awards, that is not all that is accounted to see who wins the awards. I remember during Sexy Free and Single era Super Junior was winning all of their categories and at the end they still didn’t get half of the awards that the fans voted for. So this year Super Junior is trailing in one category out of two doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance! So cheer up ELFS! Let’s keeping voting and working hard!

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hey guys ! so my dash is really slow these days and i definitely need more blogs to follow, if you blog:

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i just realized that it hasnt even been a year since leeteuk lost his grandparents and father... and he has finished his army duties and made a comeback... and going on these shows

he never stopped being the hardworking leader we always knew even after all that he has gone through

i hope he really is happy and takes care of himself