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REPLIES ARE MY BANE NOW. But because I love you, I will do them anyway.

docholligay said: Okay, I have to know your fucking sources, Jet, where do you draw your power to get these?

Auctions are great places (eBay obviously, but also international like Yahoo Japan). But if you’re willing to put the time in there’s always private collections and websites, animation forums, etc., where you can get some great opportunities. Prices are all variable of course; sometimes sellers just want to unload them, but sometimes collectors know exactly what they have and won’t part with them but for premium prices.

commas-and-ampersands said: daaaaaaaaaamn that’s quite a haul of motherfucking cels

They were amazing deals. I think that singular Rei one I managed to get for something like twelve bucks.

moonwhing said: Damn those are some nice cels. One day I hope to find (and own) beauties like these.

I know that you will! Your collection’s already off to an amazing start. Rei and Heart Crystals, YOU CAME OUT SWINGING.

maimishou said: What’s a douga (they look like sketches in this but I’m not sure what they are exactly) and are they cheaper/worth buying by themselves?

A douga and a genga are functionally the same thing, so when you hear one mentioned, pretty much just translate it to “pencil sketch”. And yes! They’re the pencil sketches that the painters work from to create the cel. You can indeed buy just douga/genga, and they are often cheaper than buying a cel, though not always. The quality and focus of the piece will always be a factor in its price. Many times when you buy a cel, the douga is with it, but that’s not a rule or guarantee. Then you’ve got people like Doc who buy a cel, and then find the douga for it complete independent. Within what, like a couple of weeks of each other was it? My mind continues to be BLOWN about this, that is some destiny shit happening there. I’ve been collecting cels on and off for decades and never had that happen. Doc buys her first cel and then finds the two douga that go with it somewhere completely separate. BLOWN.

Whether it’s “worth it” to by douga alone, that’s your call! I personally would rather put my money into cels, but just me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on douga, in fact lots of people do! (Which is why there’s a market for selling them alone.)

lightgalactica said: Jet do you have any Mako/Jupiter cels?

I do! I have several where Mako appears as part of a group, which are nice, but don’t really showcase Mako. However there IS this:

From Mako’s introduction, Episode 25.

LOVE this cel. Love. The final moments before Mako learns who she is and everything changes forever. Plus, you know, she’s lifting a giant metal monster over her head AS HERSELF WITHOUT POWERS. I just adore having this.