“What if the human you doesn’t love Damon anymore.”- Bonnie Bennett (TVD 6x20 Promo)

Ladies and gentlemen this is  BONNIE “BAD-ARSE MOTHERF*CKING” BENNETT. Dishing out truths like it’s nobody’s business. 

I mean, the way she said this, almost all sassy and snarky, and the look on Elame’s face afterwards nearly got me rolling. My girl definitely have no time or patience with anyone anymore. Naw, instead (from what I’m seeing and hearing about this episode) she’s going straight into the core of DE drama and bringing up the question Damon (and Elena) is too scared to ask. 

And after yesterdays episode with BonBon’s skirmish with Damon. I need to see her reading everyone like that and start setting people straight. Cause I’m all here for Bonnie standing her ground (even to her closest friends). 

So pass me the popcorn, cause I’m definitely going to tune in for this episode.