The Evolution of Superhero Icons

Florida-based designer Eric Snapper and PicClick team have designed amazing GIFs chronicling the evolution of three iconic superheroes’ logos. Now you can sit down, relax and view the transformation of Batman’s Spiderman’s, and Superman’s legendary icons. Although they have endured modifications within several decades, each logo has remained authentic to its crime-fighting origins.

via PicClick 


‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ May Confirm A Huge Fan Theory

You didn’t see this coming?“Avengers: Age of Ultron” finally hit U.S. theaters on Friday, and wow, wow, wow. The action is amazing, the jokes are hilarious and the Avengers are avenging.Even with all the awesomeness, there may be another reason altogether why the movie is a brilliant follow-up to the third highest-grossing release of all time. After the first “Avengers” movie, a theory began popping up online, and it may have just been confirmed in the final scene of “Age of Ultron.” Read the theory here.