Kuvira was my favorite part of the finale. We see her fight the hardest she’s ever fought, even getting desperate at times, especially when trying to stop Team Avatar from infiltrating the mecha suit. When facing Korra, it’s established that they’re evenly-matched (without the Avatar State of course), and I think that’s refreshing that the finale didn’t have to end with a character physically overcoming another. Even after her mecha suit blew up, we see her still persevering and refusing to give up. It wasn’t until her spirit weapon got out of control when we start to see her completely helpless for the first time ever. And then the gorgeous spirit world scene. The dynamic between Korra and Kuvira couldn’t be more clear at this point. Kuvira was just like Korra—both “fierce and driven to succeed” and quoting Tarrlok, “[have a] willingness to go to extremes to get what [they] want.” At this moment, we witness Kuvira at her most vulnerable and we learned more about her background as an orphan, whose parents weren’t killed but simply didn’t want her. It wasn’t “The Great Uniter,” but Kuvira, and that’s the raw character I’ve been craving to learn more of throughout the whole book. But with storytelling aside, all those sexy AF close-ups of Kuvira freaking killed me. There were so many and all in one finale. bae. <3


I’ve been thinking about making this gif set for a while, and it didn’t occur to me until I was putting it together that every Brian/Justin scene I used here is related to prom and Justin’s bashing but wowwww that era gave me so many deancas feels it’s unreal (and Brian in early season 2 gives me hella season 7 Dean feels in general tbh). This isn’t meant as a straight forward comparative gif set really, but rather a collection of Brian/Justin moments that give me Dean/Cas feels, and vice versa…