anonymous asked:

For real. You, ugly in a dress.

Anonymous said: You not a woman either, dude.


hang on one second

i’m sure i left a fuck to give about your opinion around here somewhere

but i can’t seem to find any at all


nobody gives a fucking spoiled turnip about your opinion. i’m out here doing and wearing whatever the fuck makes me feel comfortable, doing whatever feels most like me, loving myself throughout my transition and my life in general, and then there’s you. you, some rotten vegetable who can’t handle that.

i’m a trans woman and the world says i shouldn’t be happy or confident about that. i’m a trans woman and the second i don’t shave my face every single day people leap down my throat about it. i’m a trans woman and i like wearing dresses and i look hot. as. fuck. in them.

i can do and wear anything i want.

the only thing i can’t do is dance.

but i’m doing that anyway. okay bye