Tumblr Crushes:

Welp, Mikey got kicked off. Again. My more-Asian-than-Asian isn’t on there either. But it now looks like borntolose is licking giellelovee. I guess that makes it better. 

anonymous said:

Where did Austin say that he would name his first daughter Marlee after his mom? Link?

Gosh… Gielle (Austin’s ex wife) put it on her Tumblr that they thought that if they had a daughter they would name it Kennedy or Marlee after their mothers. I could send you the link, but I do not want to look through Gielles tumblr archive. I used to have it saved, but not anymore, obviously, and I am not sure if it is on this blog or not.
So, if you really want to ‘have a source/link’ look at her tumblr archive, giellelovee.tumblr.com/archive, and there will be an ‘ask’ message somewhere about it. Look back from the begging of her tumblr (2010).