incidentally, I initially misread that last ask as “Amethyst Crossing” like Animal Crossing (rather than just the phrase like someone crossing something) and it made me think of how adorable it would be if SU did an AC parody or something where, like, Steven is the villager and all the animal villagers are Amethyst shapeshifted into different animals.

Like Steven gets really into AC and he’s like “oh man, I wish there could be a real town like this!” and Amethyst is like “Well maybe there can” and then they spend the whole afternoon LARPing Animal Crossing with Steven getting fruits and catching bugs and fish and ‘selling’ them to various villagers Amethyst shapeshifts as. And, like, Amethyst could totally do all the cartoony emotion expressions the animals do.

and then like at the end of the day Steven puts on dog ears and a little dog snout mask and plays a concert as K.K. Slider with his ukulele

April 18, 1952
On Opening Day in Brooklyn, Willie Mays is knocked unconscious when he smashes into the Ebbets Field wall after chasing pinch hitter Bob Morgan’s seventh-inning, two-out bases-loaded line drive into the gap in left field. All three Dodgers base runners cross the plate, but do not score when the motionless Giants center fielder comes to his feet and jogs into the dugout, apparently unhurt, having held onto the ball after making an amazing catch for the third out to end the inning.

To get outta my funk i’m going to just do my favorite thing and that is design things. Mainly atm pokemon gijinkas I missed them.

So I made one I always wanted to make a good one of, one of my favorites Dragonair.

Shes a priestess and I like to believe in the little realm she is in that shes like a butler of sorts to Lugia. Though debated to have her lead a cult to following Lugia (thus the book LOL) Either way I love her and I am happy with this gijinka!

Shes also a giant woman, and 7ft tall <3