Partyin’ in Paskuhan 2012

It’s my dream to try taking photos in a party. Too bad I haven’t been a party photographer even just once. Good thing I have friends who are willing to pretend they’re on a college party though we’re only in UST’s grandstand while watching bands play their music. All these photos were taken during UST Paskuhan 2012. No post-processing was done except for the attachment of the watermark.


Feature: Earth Manual Exhibition (Kobe, Japan)

A year ago, Typhoon Gener hit the Philippines bringing in dark-grey skies filled with rains that left the country in a gloomy state. However, despite this sad event, Filipinos have remained positive in their outlook in life. To show encouragement to our fellowmen, Ayala Museum has called for inspiring works from designers with the hashtag #FilipinoSpiritIsWaterproof.

Recently, Ayala Museum’s graphic design campaign was selected to be part of the Earth Manual Project, an exhibition that focuses on a theme addressing disaster preparedness gathering exemplary creative approaches from different parts of the world, held at Design and Creative Center (KIITO) in Kobe, Japan. As part of the city-wide art festival (2013 Kobe Biennale), it will run until October 24, 2013.

It amazes me how design and art could be of help through social media. So, to the genius people behind this great campaign, I would like to thank them for giving us this wonderful opportunity!

You can see my artwork at the middle right on the first photo! A good friend of mine, Gian Nicdao, is part of the said exhibit as well! *highfive* Anyway, the photos are courtesy of Ayala Museum. You can see more here.

Dark Portraits

I recently installed Windows 8 on my laptop and together with this change in OS, I’m also moving to Adobe Lightroom 4 for my post-processing. I used to post-process in Photoshop but I think it’s time to try out a new software. Lightroom’s advantage over Photoshop that I like is the ability to process photos without having the need to overwrite the original file. Batch processing is also one thing that I like. Yay!