Wearing: Satin Samba

Wearing: Draped Faux Wrap Top in ‘Ginger Wine’ c/o Gianetta; Forever 21 printed palazzo pants; Asos oxfords; street vendor earrings; vintage necklaces; Forever 21 (red) and H&M (tan) bracelets; silk clutch from China; Crossroads double finger ring; Tarte lip luster in ‘Glisten;’ The Balm Shady Lady shadow in ‘Shameless Shana.’ 

It’s only Wednesday and I’m convinced the rest of this week will continue to be 1970’s-inspired for me. Yesterday was an ode to Three’s Company with a zip-up camel leather mini and today it’s all about wide-leg palazzo pants and Autumn shades. I wore these pants last time during NYFW with a tie-dyed Upstate top in the same color family but wanted something more seasonal today. 

This Gianetta top screams satin seventies luxury and the color is unlike anything else I have in my closet. It’s very similar to the DVF Issue Top but instead of $275 it’s a much kinder $74. It can we worn out but I chose to tuck it, in order to balance my proportions — something that’s quite tricky whenever palazzo pants come into play. I love the mix of shades and since both top and bottom are light yet covering, I’m quite comfortable indoors and outdoors taking in the bit of beautiful Fall weather we’re experiencing today!

Speaking of experiences — I have to tell you about the Allure Fall Beauty sale I attended this morning. So let me preface this first by saying Allure just closed their annual beauty issue so you can imagine the amount of extra product they have in the office — its insane! Anyways, once a year they allow Conde Nast employees (thanks, Husband of mine) to attend a sale of all extra product — everything is $1 and you get seven, yes only seven, minutes in the room to grab all you can. It was insane but I left spending $32 for as many items. I’m still digesting all that I managed to grab but among my favorites were the Tarte lipstick and The Balm eyeshadow I’m wearing now. Can’t wait to show you more products soon! xoxo.



From Tantalum Mag, Issue 1:

Photography by Michael Stonis
Wardrobe Stylist: Sheree Carella
Hair: Jose Monzon
Makeup: Liset Garza
Model: Sterling / Vision Models LA
Photo Assistant: Connor Stewart 

JACAREÍ, MAY 26, 2014


 (Our Lady): “My beloved children, today, you commemorate the Anniversary of My Apparition in Caravaggio, to My little daughter Gianetta Vacchi, in the year 1432.

I Am the Lady of Caravaggio, I Am the Lady of Fair Love, I Am the Mother of Beautiful Love, I Am the Mother of Merciful Love, who leans towards each one of Her children to console and help everyone as I did with My little daughter, Gianettta Vacchi and with all the afflicted who sought Me in Caravaggio and from there, left comforted.

I Am the Mother of Fair Love, I Am the Mother who takes care of all of ye and therefore I descended from Heaven so many centuries ago in Caravaggio to call ye all to My Maternal Heart to be comforted and helped by Me, in all you afflictions and sufferings.

I Am beside all the sick, I Am beside the afflicted, I Am beside those who suffer, I Am beside all the children who carry the heavy Cross. And just as I consoled My little daughter Gianetta Vacchi who suffered much, also today, through My Apparitions, My Shrines, My Miraculous Sources that in they gush forth and in so many ways, I comfort My children with My extraordinary Graces, causing everyone to feel My Maternal Love.

I Am the Lady of Caravaggio, Mother of Fair Love, Mother of Beautiful Love and Mother of Goodness who came from Heaven to Earth to call ye all to prayer, unto repentance of your sins and especially unto fasting and the consecration of Saturdays to Me, so that thus together, in prayer, in continuous supplication, also in sacrifice, we can continue moving away from the world all the punishments that it deserves for its crimes and sins and we can attain the Lord’s Mercy.

Every day, My Son Jesus is offended by sins of sensuality, blasphemy, pride, envy, wars and His Heart is often crushed by the betrayal of the Christians, of the Catholics and the souls consecrated to God.

And through it all, punishments and more punishments fall upon the world. To prevent them, a great force of prayer and penance is necessary. Therefore, I appeared in Caravaggio to ask ye for Prayer, which is so powerful before God and also Fasting on Fridays. This Fast that can attain many miracles, can put an end to wars and attain Peace for the whole world.

Pray, follow by the road of Prayer and Penance, that in Caravaggio I indicated to ye and that Here, in an extraordinary way, asked ye and taught ye. Then, My children, will dawn for ye the aurora of a new time of grace, salvation, holiness and peace and the world will know a new era of love, happiness where every evil, every suffering, every threat will no longer exist and God will dry the tears of all the eyes of His children.

To everyone today, I bless in an extraordinary way with My little daughter, Gianetta Vacchi, who is at My side in Heaven, from Caravaggio, from Montichiari and from Jacareí.”

[Dress-Zara, Blazer- H&M, Rings- Aldo, Necklace- Vintage, Blouse- gifted by Gianetta]

Due to my extreme procrastinating abilities I was up until 3am finishing a presentation that I had to make today. This was cool since I had to wake up at 6am to get ready for school. My presentation was at 8am and even though I thought I did terrible I ended up getting an 89% on it. Not to shabby.

After a long school day and a few times nodding off in class I went shopping with my lovely friend and came home to a half Christmas decorated house. My mom is really good at decorating so I will have to take photos and post them for you guys.

I also took the liberty of giving myself the night off of homework. I probably shouldn’t considering I have an assignment due Wednesday that I have yet to start as well as a big test Friday that I have yet to start reviewing for - but I am pretty sure that is what the night before is for. 


I got these gorgeous Gianetta blouses in the mail today from a lovely lady named Jennifer who works for the brand. I also went out and bought a lot of stuff at the big sale going on at Zara right now and then went to Sephora and bought an insane amount of product - so I am thinking that on Thursday (my next day off) that I might either make a video or a mega post reviewing and telling you about some different products and showing you some of the fits of the clothes so keep an eye out :).

In the meantime if you wanted to have a quicker look at the blouses have a look here and here.



A month or so ago I was lucky enough to be gifted some blouses by Gianetta - the one in the top left corner being one of them. I thought I would bring them up again because when I was in Los Angeles I received so many compliments on it. A girl that worked in the Ralph Lauren store on Rodeo Drive even came right up to me and started pulling at the blouse and asked me exactly where to find it. The answer? Nordstrom. I have also thrown up some other blouses by the brand that I am in love with and need to get my hands on asap.

Many thanks to Gianetta for gifting me with another one of their lovely blouses, this time from their fall 2011 collection. If you would like to have a better look at this faux wrapped burnt orange top click here - it is available at Nordstrom.

Keep an eye out for this item styled in my outfit posts!