Chapter 12.


‘So I’m not gonna lead you on, it aint worth it, it aint worth it, said I’m not gonna lead you on, because nobodies perfect, nobodies perfect.’

I turned my alarm clock on snooze before hopping up ready for school. I made up my bed and sighed throwing my pillows anywhere.. I picked up my iphone, my towel, and an outfit. I turned on my shower, and let it heat up. I got out my flat irons, but didn’t plug them up. I hooked my iphone to my dock, and turned on ‘Hands on the wheel’ by ScHool Boy Q. I felt so alive. The shower had heated up so I peeled the clothes off my body, and slid in. The steaming water, ran down on my body sending me into deep thought.


“morning ma, good morning Jeremy, and whats good Laith!” I yelled as I came in. To my surprise everybody was there but two girls were there.

“Goodmorning to you two.” I said to them, they nodded before waving and turning back to talk.

“Morning sweety, I have people for you to meet.” she pulled me over to the unwanted guests. Not saying they unwanted but I have school, and I’ll be late in 2 hours if I don’t get going. I’m trying to meet up with the girls, we got a meeting and Kandice has something else to tell us, plus I got to tell them the news only my family knew.

“Okay so must know I have two daughters, well they were enrolled at your school over the weekend. Surprisingly, they came to L.A from New York, so we don’t have to move anymore, yet. Anyways, there names are Niya, and Nina.” Jeremy said. I nodded and gave them hugs, nobody needs handshakes.. 

“Nice to meet you, I have to get to school. So can we cut this short.” I rolled my eyes. “I just wanted to say, since they are staying here. They’ll be in your room for a few days. Okay? Is that fine with you?”

I rolled my eyes yet again ready to cry. I KNOW! THESE BITCHES DID NOT COME TO TAKE MY FUCKING ROOM!

“I know this is new to you, but you’ll be sleeping on the couch till they can settle in.”

“Mom, I’ll be staying at Dani’s house if thats the case, but I have to go.” I stormed out the house, as I was getting in my car the two bitches got in the car too. So these bitches expect a ride too? Oh fuck to the damn naw!

“And your in my car because?” I asked, they just shrugged.

“Your mom told us to come..” the Nina girl said. The other girl nodded in agreement, and they started talking. so my mom teaming up with them too? Oh, okay..

“You guys I really don’t know you so I can’t judge you, but YOU ARE NOT. GETTING. MY. ROOM!” I gritted before driving off.

“We could just sleep on the floor, you know. We don’t really care about sleeping on the couch either. Your mom is the one who said all those things, I never agreed.” Nina said. I laughed and nodded in response, Niya sat there with her ear buds on.

I pulled up the school, and whipped into the parking spot and got out, they got out and I locked the door. “Okay, this is my highschool. Y’all just go ahead to the office and get your schedule and come back into the cafeteria, certified breakfast today.” I chuckled, they nodded and gave me a hug before going ahead. Maybe I like them a bit.

I walked into the cafeteria, and spotted the crew. 

“Wassup my niggas!” I yelled giving everybody a hug even Chris. After I read his tweet, I had to laugh. That nigga shotted back. You play with fire, you get burned and in this situation I got burned. Its no reason to be mad about shit I did.

“Why you so happy with a nigga now?” Chris asked in my ear, I blushed before looking at him.

“Because… I never really was mad. Heat at the moment!” I chuckled. I stared at his lips, and he stared at mine. “Gimme a kiss, ma.” he said, and I laughed.

“Maybe…” I laughed.

“No foreal, be real with a nigga and give him a kiss.” I nodded and pecked his lips real quick before stealing his cheese grits. They were good too. “Why you steal my grits?” Chris laughed.

I shrugged.

“Because I can, I gave you a kiss you give me grits.”

Everybody was looking at us as I turned my head. They were all grinning. I just shrugged.

“Is there a problem?” I chuckled nervously.

“Bitch is there not a problem between you and Chris?” Kandice laughed, rubbing her stomach.

“Oh me and Chris are cool. I was never mad, so no problem intended, might I say.” I smiled, as I wrapped an arm around Chris, and he did the same and kissed my forehead before stealing his grits back.

“Payback nigga.”

I got a spoon and dug it into his grits, and ate some. “damn, these are good!” I yelled, other lunch people was looking at me. The fuccc?

“You so loud over grits” ashley laughed, and I just shrugged.

“whatever, they real good.”

“next time get your own, ma” chris mugged me. I laughed, “but I want yours” I got up and threw away my trash with Chris.

He turned me around and pecked my lips, and did it again. He did multiple pecks making me laugh and put my arms around his waist.

“Whos those girls ovet there?” He pointed to my soon to be step sisters. “my soon to be step sisters, nina and niya.” I pointed to each as we walked back.

“oh, the niya girl cute.” He licked over his lips, and grinned. I slapped his mouth, and he frowned. “dont even try it.” I gritted.

“i don’t want them, I want you babe.” I turned away and blushed, he pulled me into him and kissed my lips again before walking fully to the table. Everybody but Dani was enjoying the twins. “Whats up Dani?” I asked, side-eyeing her a-bit. She pointed to Michael, and my eyes met him and Nina, laughing. She was gripping his arm, and that was suspicious.

"As most of y’all know, those are my soon-to-be step sisters, -Nina and Niya." I smiled, and they hey. "okay so… the bell bouta ring." dani rushed. "hold your horses, just wanted to say this is they first day. So don’t get so close to them, like Mikey. Y’all need to stick with y’all girlfriends and leave these 10th graders alone. Thank you very much." I mugged Michael. "Aight, aight.. Sorry." his face turned red, in embarrassment. Dani got her things said bye, and stormed off. I would’ve too, thats some foul shit.

I looked around for Chris but he was no-where to be found. “Anybody seen Chris?” I asked, they all shrugged. “Left with an Asian-lookin girl, sis.” Niya said, and I rolled my eyes. “Its Karrueche, watch out for her Nina and niya, y’all go to class. I’ll see y’all at the court, after school” they nodded.

"Kay, bye Jo." they said, and I smiled.

I went looking for Chris, but as soon as I walked out and turned the corner to get to Science, here go Chris and Karrueche kissing…

Too good to be true.