FRIDAY 29/03/13



  • 3 x 120 kg
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 135
  • 2 x 140


  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW


  • 12 x BW (ea leg)
  • 12 x BW
  • 12 x BW + 8kg kettlebell

Prone holds (30 secs on each side; no breaks)

  • Worked up to 6 mins unbroken. PR! Goal is to get up to 10 mins.

Deads are my fave. It’s been a while since I’ve hit 140, they felt good. GHRs are bloody hard! And the pistols surprised me today, didn’t know I could do them weighted :)

* * * * *


21-15-9 for time.

  • Deadlifts
  • 200m run
  • 1 muscle up

The run and muscle up are done in between each round, so the rep range applies only to the deadlifts.

COMPLETED: DNF (time cap: 30mins)

The deads and run were easy, as was the mu in the first round. It was just that single mu in the second round! After several failed attempts, I left the rings and just moved on into the 9 deads, then the run, and after a few attempts got a mu rep in the third and final round.

The point where I kept failing was the transition. I’d be a smidge behind the catch, but then my momentum would stop there and I’d fall. Just gotta work on the progression for that part of the movement and I should be sweet.

TGIF!!! Even though this was a short week, it felt like a regular one. Ha! I’m glad for the weekend’s arrival so I can get a bit of R&R!

Crossfit was a debate tonight, but as always, I’m glad I went. It was a small class but a fun group.

The workout:
Strength: 7 Minute EMOM- 3 1&1/2 Front squats at 65% I RM (100 for me)
4x8 GHRs
WOD: 45 Burpee Box Jumps at 20”

I finished in 5:47. I can work with this time for sure!! :) It was a good workout!

Oh, and I discovered a bit of abs today in my mirror. I thought I’d share. ;) Haha!

Good night!!!

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Recently—- about ~4 weeks ago for DL and ~3 weeks ago for squat—- I accepted that my squats and pulls had descended into major shittiness and I reset everything in a big way to work on form.

My main squat concern was knees coming in + getting pitched forward out of the hole, and today’s workout confirmed that I am finally seeing some big improvements with both of those issues. The first two clips are from 1-3 weeks ago and the last 2 are from this afternoon. Far from perfect but obviously a HUGE improvement.

What I’ve mainly been doing to work on this, for those of you who have these common problems:
- checked my ego and took off a ton of weight
- starting doing all squats paused (except for today, I did a few un-paused back-off triples after main sets) 
- added in more glute-centric assistance (particulary GHRS)
- A FUCKING TON of work on the ass-ductors (i.e. abductor machine, banded squats, Frankenstein walks), some during warm-ups but most intensively at the end of regular workouts.

'So Her Soul Can Find the Way' Chapter 2 - "I Heard Someone Crying"

[FF.net]  -  [AO3]



“Close your eyes, my love, my own
My precious child, mo stóirín

The summer will come with warmth and sun
The grainy leaves are growing
Softly sleep while watch I keep
The breezes gently blowing

Dún do shúil, a rún mo chroí

Close your eyes, oh love of my heart

A chuid den tsaol, ‘s a ghrá liom

My worldly joy, my treasure

Dún do shúil, a rún mo chroí

Close your eyes, oh love of my heart

Agus gheobhair feirín amárach

And you will get a present tomorrow”

Bronze curls tossed to and fro as a thin body moved beneath the covers. Liadain bit back a curse as she woke once more, cold to the bone. Autumn changes quickly into winter on the Scottish highlands, and while she was used to harsh weather from living on Iona for so long, the awful snowstorms here were quite another thing. The drafty castle did nearly nothing to keep the seeping dampness and biting, icy breezes from reaching her delicate form.

As the princess rose from the bed to gather another fur from the stack near the fireplace, the palace halls reverberated with the ethereal sobbing she’d long grown used to. Every time Liadain brought up the subject of the crying, she was brushed off with yet another excuse or explanation. Most often, it was blamed on the winds that whipped through the Moors to haunt the entire countryside. It wasn’t plausible: if the entire kingdom were kept awake by the howling as she was, the masses would have surely gone insane long ago.

Tossing the fur onto the end of the bed in frustration, Liadain turned towards the horrible noise that echoed once more. She’d never get back to sleep tonight; between the piteous lachrymose and the blizzard that raged outside, it was an impossible feat. The princess muttered to herself under her breath as she shoved her feet into slippers and lit a candle. The front door to her bedchamber was locked as it was every night by Muireann, but Maire always left the servant’s door unlocked. Sending a silent prayer of thanks upon Maire, Liadain slipped underneath the tapestry and through the hidden passage.

“Where are you?” she demanded of the spirit that insisted on keeping her roused. While she held the candlestick aloft in the dark, the keening seemed to answer her. Steeling herself, Liadain limped towards the sound. Round corners and up stairs she wandered, following the call of sadness and despair deeper than the pits of Hell. As she went farther, the route smelled dank and dirty. Spider webs hung from the corners of the stone ceiling.


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Workout I'm-considering-doing-USAPL-instead-of-AAPF-at-this-time

100 3x3, 90 4x2 (paused)

My shirt was extra slippery on the bench so I did that lats set first then feet set up.. not bad. unsure if it’s better or worse. I’ll play with it.

135 5x3, 115 3x3 (paused)

A lot more solid than Sundays. My knee cave situation went back to normal, didn’t really go in in.

DB press/Triceps/Pullups/GHR