Venus’s Night Out by Sushi-Soda

So sorry to those who preferred my Rochelle sketch, but i encountered some technical difficulties with that one and long story short im going to have to re scan it. So in the mean time, heres Venus in Ghouls night out attire

If this doll wasnt in a big pack, i wouldve picked her up in  a heartbeat. I have a Music Fest Venus, but i just love this design a wee bit more. Once again, because of how frilly it is, plus how i love making shoujo-style hair in almost anything…and i mean ANYTHING!!

This was a ask on my tumblr here:…
so i went ahead and drew venus, Im not that proficient in drawing males…yet. And i went to town on drawing the hair and dress. So cute and frilly….and an almost 80’s vibe. Like an 80’s prom dress.
this was also done in my new ish process of coloring, where i take the sketch, edit it and color over it without having to do any linework that what is given. I say this process makes things much easier and tolerable to draw.

If anyone is interested i am available for commission, want something like this or something else at a cheap price then im your girl. Just hit me up a note and we can discuss prices

Mattel owns the character, i just did the drawing.


Ghoul’s Night Out
Fall 2013
Assortment includes: Lagoona, Spectra & Rochelle

As of April, this line has shown up in Australia and independent retailers in the US. May 2013: wide-release 


  • Details on the GNO line leaked back at the end of 2012, as they were apart of a survey.
  • The dolls were on display at Mattel’s ToyFair, but not in their main showroom - but in their boxes in back.

Jinafire, Clawdeen, and Clawdia heading out for a Ghoul’s Night Out!

Clawdia is Clawdeen, Howleen, and Clawd’s older sister. She’s a model who came home for the weekend to hang out with Clawdeen.

When I received my Ghoul’s Rule Clawdeen, I noticed a few differences between her and my other Clawdeens. She had orange eyes, a lighter skintone, and no fangs. Since she had these differences, I decided to recognize her as a new member in my Wolf family (in my headcanon at least) with no changes other than restyling her hair.

Regardless, I hope you like my stylings. :D

Messing with Jinafire further cemented her among my favorites. I really hope she gets more releases. :)


A welcome home present from my boyfriend :) it’s ridiculously sweet how he looks at the MH section in stores without my influence and he’ll take a picture of what they have for me haha. I’m so glad he chose her :D It’s probably obvious from my blog name that I’m a bit biassed towards Spectra coz she’s just my baby, but seriously her GNO doll is a goddess to rule all other goddesses!


So I finally opened my 4-pack and I’m in love with these ladies (sorry Rochelle)

So I had to snag some pictures of them being cuties because I’m an adult. I could have gotten work done tonight but I played with dolls. And I feel very relaxed for the first time in a long time which is nice <e

However, Ghoulia’s hair is kinda ruined u.u;; I tried boil-washing it which helped a bit but it’s kind of a rats nest…I may just throw it up into a bun soon…Venus and Clawdeen are flawless though <3


Ghoul’s Night Out Exclusive 4-Pack
Released Fall 2013 - Exclusive to Walmart
3-Pack includes: Rochelle, exclusive Ghoulia, Clawdeen & Venus

This 4-pack showed up first in Canada, but showed up at US WalMarts in August 2013.


  • Rochelle is also sold separately.
  • The initial shipments had boxes that used Rochelle’s basic artwork, but this was corrected quickly as the right artwork was found on packaging simultaneously.

Photo Credit:  ASDA Direct (found by NeptunaBleu)