Monsters are real,and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.
—  Stephen king
Headcanon 002: Tod's backpack

It’s very rare to see Tod outside without either his trusty backpack or a shoulder bag. Just a couple of weeks ago they were filled with comics, books, handheld consoles… Basically anything Tod could use to distract and/or isolate himself whenever he was in a crowd. Now there are still some of those things (Namely the latest issue of whatever comic he’s into at the moment, his DS, one book on elemental magic, the notebook where he takes notes about his D&D campaign, his tablet, his wallet, his phone and, if there’s room enough for it, another random book, usually a fantasy novel of some sort), but he made a couple of additions now that he’s more aware of the supernatural.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Did you use a psd on the 6th gif in post/119141741227/monsters-are-real-ghosts-are-real-too-they-live ? If so , could you link it? You lightened it so much!

Hi anon! This gif?

I actually don’t use PSDs; I color each gif individually, and I don’t remember the settings I used on this one! I’m sorry :/