Your holy hands forget my scripture,
and the crown falls off this love.
There’s nothing I can do to stop it.
A kingdom breaks from
even the smallest griefs.

Time passes,
and the world does its best to bury
our small forever,
but you’re still the language I dream in.
I miss you more than any
of the history books promised.

I should let you go,
leave you as a face lost 
to a train’s closing doors
or a busy signal on the other side of the line
but this ache is almost as loud
as the sound of you answering, 
so I keep it.

I know what this looks like.
Like this love is a rotting corpse,
and I can’t stop reading the autopsy sheet,
I wrote a poem without you in it once,
and it was the emptiest room
I’ve ever walked in. 

It was the loudest haunting
I’ve ever heard.

—  Y.Z, give me your ghost town, your holy ruins, your forgotten world

The living will forever be obsessed with death and those who have started on that grand adventure before them. This Fall, Fantagraphics presents two books to capture the imagination and haunt each and every night by the young and talentedJulia Gfrörer and Ben Catmull.

Black Is the Color
by Julia Gfrörer

September 2013

$9.99 Paperback • 72 pages
Black-and-white • 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-60699-717-8

The push and pull, ebb and flow of the water calls out to all men. In this harrowing new graphic novella, Black Is the ColorJulia Gfrörer delicately hatches away this sailor-at-sea story until the reader drowns in imminent destruction. Gfrörer states, “Black Is the Color is my most ambitious single story comic to date, and I’m thrilled that Fantagraphics will be publishing it in a format that matches my vision for the work.” Originally serialized at the Study Group web collective, Gfrörer’s work is as seductive as the mermaids she draws beneath the waves.

Ghosts and Ruins
by Ben Catmull

September 2013

$19.99 Hardcover • 88 pages
Black-and-white • 10.25" x 8.50"
ISBN: 978-1-60699-678-2

Continuing his expanding Fantagraphics catalog, Ben Catmull’s chilling compendium of long-forgotten and still-occupied haunted houses joins his 2006 critically-acclaimed Monster Parade. “For Ghosts and Ruins I wanted to take my obsessions with ghost stories, abandoned architecture, and forgotten history and illustrated them with images full of shadows, atmosphere, and texture. I’m looking forward to see how people react to a book that approaches the horror genre not with adrenaline fueled sadism or tongue in cheek goofiness but with haunting meloncholy and a little deadpan humor,” Catmull summarizes. This coffee-table sized collection is the perfect gift for the future ghost in your life, and fans of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton are sure to enjoy these sweeping landscapes that echo of loss, dilapidation and dread.

(Final cover images may vary.)

Tiny Entity Caught on Tape in England?

This video, which was supposedly captured in England, shows a small, transparent object appearing near a group of people. Though it’s never explicitly said what exactly it is they’re doing, the group appears to be conducting a ghost hunt in the ruins of an old stone building.

This could’ve been a real spirit, especially since the area seems to be pretty old. If not a real spirit, then I’m not sure what this object might have been. It doesn’t look like something, such as a feather, that was floating through the air. It could have been a CGI effect, but it’s hard to say for sure. What do you think? Could this have been a real spirit? Or is there a conventional explanation for this strange object?


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“A tour of strange and sinister places only the very brave or the very foolish might be tempted to explore, the kind where ghostly apparitions glide by attic windows, crawl across ancient carpets, or leap out at you from darkened doorways. Ben Catmull is an exceptional artist who has crafted a singularly macabre experience, both frightening and funny.” – Richard Sala

“Ben Catmull’s drawings are mind-blowing and this book is a velvet nightmare you never want to wake from.” – Renée French

Ghosts and Ruins
by Ben Catmull

84-page black & white 10.25" x 8.5" hardcover • $22.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-678-2

Available now! Click the thumbnails for larger versions; get more info, see more previews and pre-order your copy here:

someone please take pokemon rumble world away from me, i did not expect to have this much fun with it and it is ruining my life

Ghosts and Ruins by Ben Catmull is a very very short illustrated book. When I say short, I mean ten minutes MAYBE. However, it is very interesting. I picked it up at the library and thought it looked a bit weird and decided to take it home and try it out.
The tiny stories are creepy, but not at all scary, just very odd. The illustrations, on the other hand, will put nightmares into the minds of the more innocent readers.
The book explores a few haunted houses, telling a little spurt about each that lasts a page or a couple. Some of the pictures have hidden things in them, so pay attention.
I enjoyed this, it was short and simple and fun.
9 out of 10!

Today’s book of the day: Ben Catmull’s gorgeous hardcover coffee-table art book of ghost stories, Ghosts and Ruins!

Catmull’s images are evocative, haunting masterpieces that never tread in graphic imagery, choosing instead to suggest horrors far more frightening than what they explicitly depict. With just the right touch of humor to balance the terror, Ghosts and Ruins is sure to please fans of Edward Gorey or Tim Burton, and makes a perfect gift book for the ghost story fan in your house.

Ghosts and Ruins is available all day today at 30% off! Previews and photosets are available on our order page.

  • 10PM:"I'll go to sleep in half an hour."
  • 11PM:"Oh, fuck, I just found this really good fanfiction. I guess one more chapter couldn't hurt. . ."
  • 12AM:"No! You idiot! How could you do that to him?! It has to end on a happy note!" *continues reading*
  • 1AM:"Fuck, this is getting sadder and sadder. Guess I'll go on Tumblr and search for funny stuff."
  • 2AM:"Oh my FOB! That Phan post!" *laughs so hard I start crying*
  • 3AM:"I really shouldn't have drank that coffee earlier. . . hmm, should I just go to sleep now? I need to write some fanfiction, though."

Random photo for the evening–

Up until the 1980s, the former Calderwood Baptist Church was in operation. It was one of two churches that were built in the now defunct company town of Calderwood, Tennessee. The years have not been kind to the ruins of this former village, as many of them have been reclaimed by the surrounding forest, slowly fading away until nothing more than memories are left in their place.

Pictured here was the front foyer. Up ahead was the main congregation area, which had completely caved in. Downstairs was where the Sunday school and Bible school classes were held.

ODDITY NEWS: National Park Ghost Towns

From the article:

Unless you are a park employee or part of a farming program, taking up residence in a national park is no longer allowed. But there was a time when people lived, worked, and made their lives inside of what would later become America’s national parks. From ghost mining towns to an abandoned military base, from the Virgin Islands to California, there are plenty of opportunities to turn National Park Week into a chance to discover a place where the past was once present.