Schoolwork - Second Burial

Well, this was real pain to fit on tumblr. Sorry for that stupid format, could not think of better way how to do it.

Anyway, a little story, as i promised:

After WWII, when Iron Curtain was built and military training zones established here in Böhmerwald / Šumava, many villages were wiped out, their houses used as training targets for tanks or just destroyed, so people running away on west could not hide in them etc. In one of those destroyed villages there was chappell with bodies of glassmaker family. Soldiers got an order to clear out the chappell, so it could be used as observation post. So six soldiers pulled out corpses, rob them of family jewelry and - because they were bunch of drunken bastards - proceed to dance with them. At the end, they propped them against the wall and shot them to pieces.
But strange thing is - not long after that, one of the six soldiers died in military accident, and till half of the year, remaining five soldiers died of unknown disease. Probably from poison transferred from corpses.

I liked how poe-ish that story was, so i decided to make my own little version of it.

★ Introduction to Tarot Cards

I figured since I had already learned this, I could teach this as well. 

What are Tarot Cards?

The origin of tarot cards is unknown. There are some sources that would say that the Tarot Cards started off in European countries like Italy and France. Tarot Cards are used as another form of Divination and is used to conduct fortune telling. Tarot Cards were once considered playing cards as well. The cards are full of pictures, symbols, people, animals, etc.  Each card has a different meaning and these meanings are in the images. 

What are Tarot Readings?

All these meanings represent a general message and that general message is usually for the seekers (those asking the questions). The reader (those interpreting the card’s meanings) are the ones that lay out the cards and must understand what they mean. 

Tarot Readings are conducted with Tarot cards. Tarot readings do tend to have different kinds of spreads and questions. Depending on the spread, determines the answer of each item. One of the well known spreads is the past,present, and future spread.

What kind of tarot cards should I work with?

Usually the standard tarot deck that beginners start off with is The Rider-Waite deck because a lot of authors use this deck to do their books. This is not what I suggest for you but I have on picking out tarot cards right here.

Anyways, the standard deck of cards has about 78 cards. They split up into two groups: Major and Minor Arcanas. If your deck is unique, this may not apply to you. 


Major has about 22 cards and there are no sub-groups. 

The Major Arcana hold more of a message than the Minor Arcana. Each card holds life lessons passed down from previous generations.  In other words, the Major deals with the human condition or human experience. These cards are the phases that occur in your life. Major Arcana means “Big Secret” in Latin.

If the seeker is experiencing life altering events, then this card will indicate longstanding influences.


 In each suit, there are 14 cards. So in total, Minor is suppose to have 56 cards. 

Each suit has about 14 cards, Ace, Two-Ten, Page, Knight, Queen, and King. The Minor refers to current situations that have a small influence. These are your day to day problems. These issues will fade eventually. Minor has four suits of cards which consists of: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

Last Updated on: June 3rd, 2015

A PSA about “ghost hunting”

- Don’t ever invite an entity to ‘use your energy’. That’s quite literally giving the entity permission to attach itself to you. 

- Be definitive. “You ARE NOT allowed to touch me” “You DO NOT have permission to follow me after I leave”. 

- Old houses creak and pop and make a cacophony of noise. Don’t automatically assume that the creaking you heard was of a paranormal cause.

- Don’t exploit the dead. Don’t advertise your hotel as haunted, don’t open an abandoned hospital as a Halloween attraction, etc. 

- Have some fucking respect. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a child spirit or the spirit of an elderly person. Have some motherfucking respect. 

- Literally everything you see on Ghost Adventures 

- Don’t do that 

- You don’t know what you’re dealing with, so don’t try to piss off anything. You could get seriously hurt. 

- You don’t have to conduct an investigation in the middle of the night. If the ghosts are there after dark, they’ll be there in the daylight too. 

- For the love of god don’t do anything you see on Ghost Adventures 

- Just because someone told you a place was haunted, doesn’t mean that it is.

I'm being stupid but

Okay but just imagine if in your house there’s this little family of ghosts
and they’ve lived there longer than you, they’re confused as to why these strangers are in their house but they tolerate you bc you bring food and entertainment
But like just imagine it
All the weird shit you do randomly or the random urge to giggle or laugh loudly could be bc of them
Like there’s a child that sometimes just possess you for a bit to make you laugh or when you get that random surge of inspiration one of the little ghosts is trying to help you

Or like when your sad and you shiver bc it randomly gets cold could be bc they’re trying to comfort you
When the door creaks they’re just trying to fix it

That’s all I can think of for now
I’ll probably add more later
But seriously just imagine it

Darkness wraps around me
Warm and keeping me still
As my heartbeat and breathing
Become even and slow
Trying to keep my thoughts
Reined in to match their
Calm and easy tempo

A gentle touch tracing
My top and bottom lips
Fingers running through
The short locks of my hair
Pressure on my legs and arms
Keeping me still
In a tight and warm embrace

The sound of whispered words
The smell of tobacco smoke
Eyes snapping open
But only darkness meets my gaze
Sound and touch gone
And soon I again can move

My eyes close and mind drifts
As you return and speak
Tone urgent and falling against
Ears without the power to hear
One on your side of the veil
Leaving your words a heavy pile
That burns up in the morning sun

The Charlie Charlie Challenge

Look, I don’t care if you belive in demons or not. Do not do the Charlie Charlie challenge. I repeat. Do not do it.

Most people don’t know how to react to the pencil/object moving so they leave the area without ending the game, This is basiclly opening a portal for demons in your house:

This is the step that people forget and that makes it potentially dangerous:

I know I may be over reacting but I don’t want to see anything bad happen due to another stupid challenge.

Stay safe.