Haunted Locations: The Beechwood Lunatic Asylum, Australia.

Often referred to as the Haunted Mayday Lunatic Asylum, this famous decommissioned hospital in Beechwood Australia is one of the most Haunted locations on the Continent.  The hospital was closed in 1995 after nearly 130 years of operation, and it is estimated that over 9000 people died in the Asylum during this time.

There are many ghosts reported having been seen here. The most well known is that of Matron Mary Sharpe. People mainly see her in the Grevillia Wing of the hospital, a place where the fear electroshock therapy and other early Psychological treatments took place. She’s often seen sitting next to a bed as if tending to a patient. Those to see her state that while the room turns icy cold, they feel comforted by her presence, rather than scared.

Other ghosts include Tommy Kennedy, who haunts the Bijou Theatre where he died and often plays with peoples clothing. The Reaction Hall has the ghost of a young girl and an older man, while an unknown doctor is seen in Grevillia Wing. Workmen hear children playing and laughing around the property but have never been able to locate the source. A female patient was thrown to her death off a balcony, and her body was left on the ground for two days as a local Rabbi was called in to deal with her remains in as directed by her religion. Her ghost is often seen where she died and the balcony she was thrown from.

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Harvey Comic published in 1953… the secret origin of Casper the Friendly Ghost?

For the record during their heyday when they were publishing dozens of Casper themed comics they were asked about Casper and stated that he was not a dead child but was a child of two ghosts.

Yeah? Then what happened to those two? He lose them in an accidental double reincarnation?

anonymous asked:

Ryou, have you had any supernatural encounters?

Ryou: Ooh, yes I have! Quite a few, actually. Now I don’t remember this happening, but my father swears that when I was four years old, I would spend hours just staring at nothing, completely silent, and when anyone asked what was going on I just told them, “I need to watch him or he’ll hurt you.” This went on for a year until I guess whoever I needed to watch decided to leave us alone. There was a lot of stuff that happened around the time my mother and sister died, but I don’t really want to talk about that. Bad memories and all. More recently, I’ve been hearing footsteps in the hallways late at night. A child’s foot steps. They definitely sound like a toddler who just learned to walk. I’ve also been seeing a lot of black figures out of the corner of my eye, many of whom don’t disappear when I turn to look. It’s all very fascinating. 


Sallie House

The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas has a national reputation as one of the most haunted places in the USA. This average-looking painted brick house at 508 N. Second Street, was built between 1867 and 1871, and gives no indication from the street of its spooky reputation, but the many experiences of those who have lived there suggest otherwise. It is known as the Sallie house because the daughter of it’s previous inhabitants had an imaginary friend named Sallie, and she is believed to be the malevolent spirit haunting the house. The most frequent activity revolves around actual physical damage being done to people; above is documented evidence of house owner Tony Pickman’s scratch marks.

As well as this, the Pickmans experienced other strange phenomena including:

  • Wall-hung pictures turned upside-down
  • Strangely melted candles and burnt finger marks
  • Multiple photo anomalies
  • Tony had an actual sighting of Sallie on Halloween morning, 1993
  • While napping, Tony heard of woman’s voice say, “Here’s your remote,” as the TV remote control was placed on his chest by unseen hands
  • During the first Sightings taping, Tony received three bloody scratches on his arm
  • One night Tony dreamed that he was being pulled out of bed by his wrist by a little girl. Upon waking he found burn marks on his wrist that were much like the fingerprints of a small child.
Ouija Board fact MASTERPOST

1) Nothing can come out of a Ouija board and haunt you.

2) You cannot contact an actual demon on the Ouija board and you will not become possessed by one. However, demonic hauntings and possessions are a thing, here’s what they are like, but they will not happen because you played with a Ouija board.

3) Be polite and patient to the spirits you’re talking to, you don’t know who they are.

4) Halloween is the best time to use a Ouija board.

5) Ouija boards are not dangerous unless you are a moron.

6) There are three kinds of spirits you can contact on the Ouija board, don’t get fooled by the tricksters.

7) Ouija boards aren’t portals to the other side.

8) There are no rules about getting rid of a Ouija board, do it however you like.

9) Ouija boards were invented to be board games, they are still board games.

10) It is very important to say Goodbye after each session.

11) Do not play the Ouija board if you are scared of it, suffering from depression or any other debilitating mental illness, from a strong religious background that is fearful of death, or have no idea what you’re doing. And please don’t play if you’re taking a mind-altering substance.

12) Zozo, Mama, and all other forms of this name are not a demon, it’s more like spiritual Catfish. Zozo is not real.

13) Don’t believe everything the Ouija board says, chances are it’s just made up to scare you. 

14) I do not recommend playing the Ouija board alone, and I wrote two blog posts about this.

15) If the planchette moves in circles, figure 8s, comes off the board, or anything else strange, it doesn’t mean anything.

16) Ouija boards are safe to play in a graveyard.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.