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Hey, so your elf ear review is super helpful! I have a few questions if you dont mind. How do you find pros-aide cream differs from spirit gum? do you prefer it? and Im a little worried the Madhouse FX studio's ears will be too big, since you mentioned they would be better for medium-large sized ears. Have you heard anything about the small elf ears from Aradani Costumes? They're a bit more expensive (If i decide to order the painted version), but I like the shape better for Arwen. Any thoughts?

I used to have some of the Aradani ears a few years ago, but just didn’t like the way they fit or looked.  Some people love them, but they’re not for me.  Same goes for the Woochie tips.  I find the latex on both of these to be kind of thick, and since I’m not interested in wearing an ear cuff, the seam on the edge looks weird.  I’ve also tried the Aradani silicone tips, but they were heavy, didn’t fit closely enough, and I could not for the life of me get them to stay on for more than a few minutes before they started to slide off and peel away under their own weight.  They look great, but I found they weren’t practical.

For anybody wondering about the exact size of MadhouseFX’s elf ears: I measured my real ears and they about 2 1/4 inches, just under 6 cm, from the top of the curve to the bottom of the lobe, and this is just a tiny bit smaller than the female average.  The Thranduil ears are a little big on me (by about 1/8 inch) but I’m able to play with the positioning and get them fit pretty well.  I attach them first at the lobe, then find a good position on the top and fix them in place.

Now for Pros-Aide vs spirit gum, for me personally I find the Pros-Aide sticks on better, lasts longer, and doesn’t dry out, but that’s mostly preference and how it reacts with my natural skin oils.  I also find it’s okay to use on my ears, but if I use it on my face (say for a beard) my skin does get mildly irritated and itchy so I probably have a minor allergy.  Other people will have different experiences and might like spirit gum better.  For something as small and light as ear tips, the adhesive will make very little difference since the shape mostly keeps them in place on their own and you just need a little something to make sure they stay stuck down.  (Honestly you could use two-sided fashion tape if you wanted.)  One thing you CAN do with Pros-Aide cream that you can’t do with spirit gum, however, is build it up in thin layers and use it to blend and disguise the edges where the latex meets your skin.  So in that regard it serves a dual purpose as both adhesive and makeup.  Finally, it has no scent, so if you don’t like that astringent evergreen smell spirit gum gives you, Pros-Aide is a scent-free alternative.  Overall though, when it comes to ear tips, go by your personal preference.

There’s also a Telesis adhesive out there that was recommended to me, but it’s EXPENSIVE and I haven’t found a reason to try it yet.  The elf ears and stubble beards I do don’t call for anything stronger than Pros-Aide or spirit gum.  But for anybody trying out heavier prosthetics or lace beards this might be worthwhile.

I’ll also take a sec to HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Telesis adhesive removal gel I mentioned in my review.  When I first bought Pros-Aide I bought the special orange removal oil that the woman at the makeup store recommended.  It was okay, but took a lot of product, a lot of work, and a lot of time to remove all the adhesive.  And I’d still wake up the next morning with my hair stuck to my ears and have to use it again, so I burned through over half a bottle of the stuff doing about five rounds of elf ears and two fake beards.  With the Telesis, you use a lot less, it works a lot better and faster, and I’m not waking up with my hair glued to my ears and my ears glued to the sides of my head any more.  It works immediately on both Pros-Aide and spirit gum.  Downside (maybe?): it does have a smell, and that smell is very similar to cheap men’s deodorant.

Hope that helps!

ghostpulse said: Oooh I would love to but gosh I haven’t read Tolkien in a few years so I don’t remember much and I know even less about theories. Is the current theory that he’s one of the valar? What’s your take?

Nah man, if he was Valar the ring would effect him, since Valar entered the world after its creation but shaped its development, but bombadill was there from like day 0? If i have my obscure lore right, he must be some otherly other.

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Bart came right in front of Nico and just scooped him into his arm nuzzling their noses together. "Nico~" He cooed brushing his nose around the others cheeks in a loving manner before he sighed packing his lips. "Happy V-Day lovely. I missed you."

Nico wrapped his thin legs around the speedster, letting the other hold him in a tight embrace. Mumbling softly into Bart’s shoulder, he asked, “How have you been, babe…? Missed you, too…”

Dear Future Mount Holyoke Class of 2017

Welcome, and congratulations on your acceptance into Mount Holyoke College! We’re so so so excited to meet you on admitted students weekend, talk to you online, and get to know you before your attendance this coming fall or spring! (We do hope to see you then!)

If you have any questions our ask box is certainly open to you, as well as a wealth of Mount Holyoke students of all ages on tumblr who have offered and would be more than delighted to answer your queries:

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We look forward to hearing from you, and once again - congratulations on your achievement! We couldn’t be more proud. Agh.

(And hey, current MoHos! If you’re open for questions and want to be added to the list, drop me an ask here or at my main blog!)

i mean, it’s not customary i suppose, but all coffee shops and other small food businesses have a tip jar for a reason. it’s a perk, something to be excited about at the end of a shift (i use my tips to save money for my tattoo plans and to have nice nights out). none of us at the place i’m at expect a tip from someone who buys a $2 coffee since that requires minimal effort from us (though a lot of our regulars who get easy stuff are super kind and tip us anyway and i’m so grateful to them), but it’d be great if we were tipped at least some spare change for making a half-caff triple shot soy mocha latte with vanilla pump since it takes a LOT more work on our part to make it exactly how you ordered it. and if it’s a big crowd ordering like the family i mentioned, it’s a great thing to do so you show your appreciation for the drinks and food you’re receiving. people our age i don’t expect to tip tbh, but parents who are already spending big bucks on their multiple children’s hot cocoas should probably put at least a dollar into the jar.

oh, and at the shop i work at all of us are considered baristas, so idk how other shops work… we divide the tips at the end of the shift between however many people are working. but basically it’s a courtesy and a kindness to tip people working jobs that have a tip jar.

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i feel you buddy, but what does that have to do with spoons?

oh, it’s from spoon theory! it’s basically a metaphor/scale for measuring energy/ability to do things for people with chronic illnesses. i use it because my anxiety disorders are very taxing, both physically and mentally/emotionally, and limit my ability to get stuff done, but lots of people use it for many different physical and mental disabilities 

basically i like it because it’s a really succinct way to explain (mostly to myself :p ) how much energy/patience i have to do things on a given day. so on a really low spoon day i might not be able to get out of bed, on a medium spoon day i can do most stuff but i’m pretty tired out, and a high spoon day would be a day where i can do everything i want to do without worrying about “running out of steam” or pushing myself to hard and having a bit of a breakdown (which is what can happen if i push myself too hard on days when i don’t have enough “spoons”)