Playlist: Classic Haunts

It’s Halloween Eve, or All Hallows’ Eve Eve, if you will. Day 4’s playlist is packed full of classic Halloween songs, the ones everyone knows even though we only hear them once a year. They’re always good on a party music rotation or for getting in the mood to put your costume on and go out. No spooky surprises - just an hour of tried and true Halloween favorites.

Who you gonna call?

Anonymous submitted:

That time a docent refused to take her groups into a specific wing because “there’s a ghost in there who harasses her during tours.” She insisted that I bring in professionals to address the issue. 

Not exactly sure who she expected me to call… 


We took her off of tours and assigned her to the welcome desk full time…where she proceeded to warn visitors away from the wing she believed to be haunted. I wasn’t allowed to dismiss her or tell her she was being bat-shit crazy because she’s the wife of a Board Member. (Museum Politics are real, yo.) So now she’s assigned to some behind the scenes busywork where she doesn’t have to interact with/terrify visitors. And so far there are have been no reports of ghosts in the copy room. 


Ed: I don’t believe in ghosts but this happens All. The. Time.  

Quick sketch I whipped up for Halloween— apologies for the low quality of the drawing. Yes, I’ve drawn this crossover before, but this time, I decided to add Heavy (as Ray), Engineer (as Peter), Demoman (as Winston), Miss Pauling (as Janine), Merasmus (as Vigo The Carpathian), and The Dead Little Buddy (as Slimer/Onionhead). Enjoy!


Happy Halloween!

This is a screencap from the 2009 Ghostbusters video game.  Look at all the old computer gear!  Keep in mind that this game is set in like 1991, so even the Doritos logos on billboards and vending machines look period-correct.  As a result, the computers are also era-appropriate.

I spot…

  • a smashed C64 but with the keyboard in blue and orange
  • a few IBM PC style monitors (one of which has the ending screen from the NES Ghostbusters game)
  • an Altair 8800
  • a few Thompson TO-7’s
  • the control panel from what looks like an IBM System/360

On one of the workbenches (not pictured) are a few circuit boards. Upon closer inspection on the highest in-game graphics settings, it seems that they are learn-to-solder kits from the Makershed, which means that somebody got lazy when looking up references to flesh out the Ghostbusters HQ.

Can you spot anything that I didn’t, retrotech crew?