In regards to that language headcanon that everyone’s getting excited about…
Jack Fenton is not an idiot. He loves to blabber on about a lot of things, and he’s a bit clueless at times, but there are small clues throughout the series that he IS an intelligent man. Why would he build a Ghost Gabber if ghosts communicated in English? Remember, the series addresses a lot of modern beliefs about ghosts. Why would they forget EVPs, one of the most popular tools for ghost hunters?
Ghosts often don’t speak in sound that can be understood. Thus, the Ghost Gabber most likely records EVP and relays it instantly.
It translates Danny’s speech. Presumably, he has the ability to speak ghost, and just doesn’t realise when he does so.


I might have made an AU where Danny is a popular singer…

The biggest downside is that I don’t know anything about fashion or music so this was probably a bad idea on my part.

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Here have some Anti Danny.

I like the idea of him only hissing in ghost speak. And also that that he’s some sort of entity created from when Danny first started up the portal. And that he has all of Danny Fenton’s memories but everything is warped. And that he thinks the real Danny is this white haired ghost named Phantom stealing everything away from him. And what if Anti Danny was literally the half of Fenton that died, and because he’s just literally half a ghost, he’s unstable? Okay, I’ll shut up now.


I’m a big fan of the Anti Halfa AU.

I’m also quite proud of my ghost scrawl with the human translation underneath

anonymous said:

So I was thinking about the Ghost Speak and the Fenton's Ghost Gabber and then an idea stuck me! I thought that with the machine adding "Fear me" to his words, what if that wasn't a quirk, what if Danny really did say that in ghost? like it was because of his being a level 7! The Phrases are different for each ghost level, like a level one might just moan or something and the highest might say something like "Kneel before me". It could be like, ghost grammar and edict! P.S I love you.

Whoa. I never would have thought of that.

Ghost grammar and edict, oh gosh. Now I wanna think about ghost culture and the ways Danny’s probably insulted ghosts without realizing it. (No wonder they hate him.)

P.S. I love you, too.

lexiepiper said:

Ghost language has been one of my headcanons for the longest time! (Why else would Jack bother to invent the Ghost Gabber?) But I can't reblog the posts because my phone's not working properly! (But really, I just had to send this ask because I'm so excited that other people share one of my oldest headcanons)


like it’s been my fav headcanon for the longest time and i’m so freaking glad it literally exploded

(more ghost quirks please)

i should make a page of all my fav dp headcanons and ghost quirks. if only i could remember them all. school has destroyed any and all memory skills i used to have (i really should just keep an idea notebook with me at all times)