Hoping a blog like sixpenceee picks up this post, because I think it’s really cool.

I was working in a pub today, and an old man and his wife were sat at the bar showing everybody this picture. According to them it was taken at an old textiles mill, now a museum, in my area. The man claims to be a sceptic, as does his wife, but neither of them can find a way to explain this picture. They claim that the seats behind the man were empty when this picture was taken, but a hand and face are clearly visible. I thought this was really cool and wanted to share it with everyone

Beach City was on fire today!  The whole boardwalk!  Some blame teenage hijinks, but I know the real culprit: The Ghost of William Buford Buchanan, Beach City’s Most Notorious Arsonist!

He set a record 335 fires in the summer of 1862.  Back then, there weren’t many buildings in Beach City, so he had to burn his own house down 68 times.  He even burned down the Funland Arcade, or as it was known at the time, Frederick Ulysses Neptune’s Land of Mechanical Oddities and Entertainment.  I heard it was great!  They had a monkey fortune teller that could predict the future and play Camptown Races on an accordion.

Buchanan died trying to evade the police by diving into the ocean.  But some say his waterlogged visage still haunts the Boardwalk, desperately trying to light his soggy flint and steel kit, and add one more fire to his record.  I guess he finally found out about lighter fluid!  HAH! 

Mayor Dewey estimates damages to be $600,000.