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haveyoumetmyhusband-nightwing submitted:

Most parents tell their kids fairytales about far off kingdoms and Knights in shinning armor and princesses, but my Dad told me very different stories; true stories. One story in particular, I have never been able to forget.

My dad was a police officer in San Francisco, who often moved stations. But as a rookie, he was stationed on Treasure Island to work the grave yard shift. Most of the other cops at the station were either very old and close to retirement or new recrutes themselves. And the older officers would often tell the rookies stories to scare them, one of the stories was that Treasure Island was haunted, as it used to be a military base of some kind. My Dad never believed those stories. One day before his shift he decided to use the on sight gym to work out. The gym was underground in the basement of the station and no one ever used it.

When my dad asked if anyone wanted to work out with him, they only shook their heads and said ‘No one goes down there, it’s haunted.’ My dad thought it was just another story ment to scare him, so he continued to head down to the basement/gym. To get to the gym you had to walk down a stare case which lead to a long hallway. At the beginning of the hallway there was a large lever which turned on the lights for half the length of the hallway, since the building was very old. My dad reached the end of the stair case and turned on the first set of lights.  

He was almost to the second lever that turned on the lights for the last half of the hallway when the hall grew very cold, and he could see his own breath. Chills ran down his spine, goose bumps formed on his skin and his hair stood on end-he could feel someone breathing on the back of his neck. My dad was paralyzed, he wanted to move but his legs wouldn’t let him. Who or whatever was behind him zoomed around him and took of down the hallway and disappeared into the darkness. But, as my dad recalled he wore a short army style crew cut, some kind of uniform, but where his legs should be there was only what looked like thick fog-and my dad could see clean through the guy. 

Once the spirt was gone, my dad could move again and he went tearing off back down the hall and up the stairs. By the time he reached the other officiers, a cold sweat had broken out over his neck and he was as white as a sheet. He tried to tell his fellow police men what had happend but none of them believed him.

A couple of weeks later my dad transfered to another station and he never went back-but some of his old friends say that to this day, no one goes down into the basement anymore. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: They won’t go with him because it’s haunted, but when he sees something they won’t believe him? What jerks! 6/10 for scares and thank you for sharing.


Woolly Ghosts

Still decked out in their winter coats, these rascals tend to appear in late winter and early spring. They prefer to float about aimlessly, feeding off of water vapor and exhaled breath. We’re unsure of what they are ghosts of, but we know they’re mostly harmless- the scariest thing they do is drift up into the top corners of a room and whisper all night. They also tend to gather in flocks of five or six and move around as one whispering mass.

When my mother was away.

dirty-hope submitted

I don’t know if you’ll believe me, it’s okay if you don’t, but I’m telling the truth  honestly, and this story is no way scary but I’d like to share it now.

When I was six, we moved into our current house. It’s in a really posh, rich location, but the house itself is relatively normal sized. It’s only about 150 years old so hasn’t got a very interesting past. This old couple lived here before us, and when she left she left a load of things in the attic. For a while nothing happened, for several years in fact. And then little things, like noises from the ceiling, scraping sounds, someone knocking on walls lightly, and just a weird feeling, you know? like somethings watching you, but nothing over the top of anything that screamed “ghost”

Things got progressively more ‘interesting’ the longer we lived there. I remember being 11, and in my room I have a tall bunkbed, and I was sleeping on top so I was relatively close to the ceiling, and in the middle of the night there was a huge crash above me and creaking like footsteps, from the attic, and a thud, and a scraping sound. And I was paralyzed with fear, but when we went to check out the attic the next day, we found nothing. Just some old books with inscribing like “Merry Christmas, I love you.” from 1903 (which I found insanely cool.) So life went on. We’ve had guests over, who the next day jokingly complain that in the middle of the night they swear they saw figures in the corner of their eyes down the long corridors

But the interesting bit, and the reason I’m telling you these little details, and submitting this story is that two years ago my mum went on holiday with her boyfriend to prague for a week in the summer holidays, and so my best friends family moved in with us for that week, so her mum could baby sit my siblings and me. (There’s four of us in total, and four in their family.) One night her boyfriend Gruff came over, and for five minutes he stood out in the cold refusing to come in, and then he lit one of those smoke things and started walking around out house, trying to make a joke of it. (He kept staring up at that attic entrance, so i’m SURE there’s something up there.) Anyway, he explained to us that he was a median, and after much pestering he told us a little about our house and said that there was a young woman living here, she was “grumpy” and “unfriendly” but not very harmful. He gave us the name Margaret, and said she was from the 1920’s and then he went to sleep. The next day he left and he didn’t come back to tell us any more. 

The cool bit is that a few weeks later, I went to the annual summer street party my road holds, and there was a exhibition on about newly uncovered details about our road and the past inhabitants, and on our house, which is Number One, there were loads of new details there, and there was actually someone called Margaret who had died at 36 from “natural causes” in 1921.

Freaky, so I’m quite glad we’re moving now because I don’t like the idea of someone having died here, but if it’s true, and she’s here then she’s never harmed any of us or really scared any of us, so I like to think of her as the guardian of the house now.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: You don’t have to worry–at the very least, we’ll believe that your story is what you think you have experienced, unless we find out it’s a creepypasta or fake story or anything like that.  But we’re not here to judge so you can submit any personal paranormal stories in good faith. :) 6/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!