I know the lore but still.....

what happens when the flame dies? Like if nobody kindles it what happens? I have sooooo many questions about this game it’s not even funny.

Does everyone just immediately die?

Is it a literal age of dark and the sun goes out?

Are certain beings safe like Shalquoir and Manscorpion Tark and Najka?


As the contestants move out to the balcony Sailor has high hopes that the next few hours will help her make her next tough decision.

Unfortunately Gabriel has been demoralised by his loss in the Trivia challenge and resorts to his book while Oxford eats some dirt to impress Fallon. Midnight spends an exceptionally long time in the bathroom and in the end Sailor decided to drench everyone with water from an (invisible?) puddle to draw the attention back to her.

It does work however as Midnight returns and goes straight in fro a friendly hug which leads to a bit of flirtation.

Now there’s some action going on Gabriel gets a bit of fear of missing out and goes over… only to chicken out at the last moment, choosing instead to go complain to Oxford about the situation.

COME ON GUYS! You spent 3 hours so far locked on a balcony… do something!


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