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Dear Top Gear Fandom, can you give me a minute

Thanks to the kind soul - the-bloody-awful - I noticed new blog that is reposting, hence STEALING, some of the TG gifsets. Including two made by me.

Here it is.

Please, take a good look and do not reblog from this… person, don’t follow him/her.
Please respect the effort that people put into making gifs.
Not only talking about me but primarily awesome creators like: a-happy-nerdjvmesmay, snuffleupagus-gifs, topgearmemories

I’m tagging it as Top Gear to make it more visible.

anonymous asked:

can you make a list of you favorite superbat fanfics pleeeease?

Hi nonnie! Yes I can! I made a brief list of my fave Superbat writers too, in case you haven’t already seen it.

I have a lot of Superbat in my bookmarks, and there’s no number one because there are too many amazing fics to choose from so here’s a list in no particular order:

Temptation and Strength by Mithen

That Which We Call a Rose by Arysteia

A Certain Thought That Lingers by Tmelange

In Case You Were Wondering by RileyC

In Hade’s House and Persephone’s Shadow (on-going) by FabulaRasa

A Taste of Pomegranate by Mithen 

Just a Formality by FabulaRasa

Simply by Evilpixie

I have many many more faves here in my AO3 bookmarks! (I only have Superbat and Angbang there).