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WAÏFWhen architecture turns it’s back

Spiller House By Frank Ghery, 1980

“Are you looking for a Venice summer beach house? Are you a fan of Frank Gehry and corrugated metal? Are you willing to overpay for beach proximity and architectural pedigree? Then you may be interested in renting Frank Gehry’s 1980 Spiller House apartment. The house is actually two units, with a two-story rental apartment in the front and the owner’s own four-story residence in the back. The house has solar panels, angled skylights and is sheathed in corrugated metal siding. The listing for this one-bedroom, two bath apartment also mentions a beach shower, a fireplace, dumbwaiter and it’s just a half block to the beach. Monthly rent: $4,150.”

Source 01, 02

Gheris would be older by dai. In her 40s probably, and looking older because she was ways frowning

She was gonna be my inq for a while but i realized she’s not fit for public consumption so maybe i’ll play a spawn of hers.

Here are all three boned-garments that I sketched for the class assignment. I picked the one in the center (corset vest) to construct. The finished garment is posted just before this one. (I wanted to construct the corset dress w/ boned neck brace, but my professor advised against it. Wasn’t enough time…. I’ll get to it soon enough.

Lou Ruvo Brain Center by Frank Ghery

Lou Ruvo Brain Center by Frank Ghery

Las Vegas Locally:

Amazing photography!

Originally posted on Steven J. Campbells SouthWestPhoto:

This is the Lou Ruvo Brain Center in Las Vegas NV.

Perhaps the building with the most famous architech in all of Vegas, with Frank Ghery as the designer.

An eyesore? Modern Art? You decide.

Two different versions, an over the top HDR and a more conservative realistic version.

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