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GHEEE- “Bright Light”

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GHEEE “Bright light” Official Music Video

Write your url on my body? Done! My hand looks huge on this XD Yaoi hands ftw! lol. Random extra info: I actually wrote it on 2 places but it was hard to write/ read on my arm. Well I forgot about it and went to class today. Oh why is your tumblr still on my arm? If you get 20 new followers you can thank my arm…..well my arm pre-jacket.

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GHEEE - Silver tongue

GHEEE is…well, they’re a band. To be honest, I don’t know much about them or the bands they came from with the exception of bassist Hisayo. (I’m a fan of Tokyo Pinsalocks!) I think I’m going to change that. (I have some albums to play…)

Side note! Next week will be the first week I try to post every day, with an added theme! I got the idea from my IRL friend Zen Master Wu.

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GHEEE “Bright light” Official Music Video

Du rock comme je l’aime ♥

Le clip est sympa et original. Une vraie signature !

I’m still pissed about something my assistant manager said three days ago. He said “All women want to be remembered” when he was talking about an acquaintance/customer he hadn’t seen in a long time and remembered their name and etc. I was immediately like WELL I think people just want to be remembered. It’s not about man or woman. Woman aren’t going OH GOD I NEED TO BE REMEMBERED I NEED TO FEEL SPECIAL, it’s Oh that’s nice, he remembers me!
I’m so fucking annoyed with his whatever the fuck this is.