~Beautiful Scene~

The person that broke Korra (I know other people broke her too, especially Unavaatu but you all know that it was Zaheer that broke her the most) was the person that was able to fix her back up. 

I am feeling feelings that make my heart ache of so much happiness.


All Hail Bryke

Thank you bryankonietzko & michaeldantedimartino for The Legend of Aang and The Legend of Korra

I know it’s not over yet and we still have 5 episodes but i would like to display my gratitude.

Bryke Be With Us Always

-Guru Laghima

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I wish The Red Lotus were further developed and finally defeated in Season 4, I have so many questions about them.  Why is Ming Hua armless?  What about this assassin concentration camp P’li was held in? What about “combustion” benders as a whole? What did Zaheer do before his air bending? How did Ghazan pick up Lava bending? How did the 4 of them meet? Why’d they invite Unalaq? About this Red Lotus vs. Sokka, Zuko, Tenzin, and Tonraq fight?  Why was Zaheer so obsessed with Guru Laghima? 

Like, they’re so much more interesting than Not Azula who decided to be a tyrant because mommy said “no.”

avatarblog1 asked:

DO you think that Bolin will actually ever hit a person with his lavabending? I ask this because I have yet to see his lavabending hit a person, even though it did hit mechatanks? And since tomorrow is the next episode, do you think this will be the episode where Bolin finally reaches Republic City with Varrick and their new allies and Korra finds out why the spirits are essentially kidnapping people?

It seems incredibly unlikely that Bolin would ever hit a person with lavabending, because Bolin’s character is antithetical to lethal violence.

(My initial thought was, “Nick would never let that happen,” but then I realized that we already had two deaths by lava — Roku and Ghazan — and abandoned that line of thought XD; )

I do think it’s likely that Bolin and Varrick will get to Republic City in the next episode, if only because I can’t see how the writers could drag their return out any longer without actually ignoring them for the whole episode.  XD;

cutie-toes asked:

I meant to add a sorry in there. The last Zaheer was too sad. I must made dark jokes to not have the ship feels you always seem to invoke.

I understand and appreciate this.

I do want to know what happened to her body like did they take it back to Zaofu or did Ghazan or Ming Hua get it on the way back when everyone was chasing Zaheer or


The White Lotus vs. The Red Lotus