Rapmon tweeted (28 Aug): (trans) “Hello, it’s Rapmon; this is my first time (answering questions). keke ah feels like I’m debuting!! Please ask me questions related to our dance mission in AHL . Only five people will be answered.”

Q: ” ‘what move do you think you’re better at than Jimin???’
Rapmon: “Drop-kick”

Q: “Don’t you feel uncomfortable whenever you dance because you have longer arms and legs than your members?’
Rapmon; “Usually, it’s because of my ghanji(swag) but that’s a penalty when I dance.”

Q; When do you feel like giving up when you’re dancing?’
Rapmon: “whenever I see Jhope dancing next to me..whenever I see Jungkook dancing..whenever I see Jimin dancing..whenever I see myself in the mirror..always..(loss for words)”

Q:’Is there a dance genre that you want to learn, Namjoon?’
Rapmon:” I’m gonna make a new genre and it’s going to be called Floundering.”

Q: “Where do you get your soul from when dancing?”
Rapmon: My (facial) expression. Everyone lacks soul except me

Rapmon: “Thank you, everyone. I had a fun time during those short minutes ^*^ byebye”
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As you take your first steps truly into the store and up to the counter, the shopkeep turns and smiles at you,

Shopkeep - Ghanji, medhta’zhe! Welcome to Bits and Ends. I’m Keshla, how may I help you?

You - Er, ghanji. I was wondering if you had a few basic travelling supplies, and-

You grab one of the rings out of the display case arbitrarily,

You - How much are these?

Keshla - Ah, the Guess Alignment rings. Let me just check my price book.

Keshla ducks behind the counter and rustles around. While she does, you can’t help but notice the other bleeding girl eyeing you intently. You’re pretty sure you’ve never met her before, but… You don’t have an acquaintances list or a revenge-warranting list, at least not on hand, so you’re at a loss.

Keshla pops back up from around the counter.

Keshla - So the Guess Alignment rings are three gold a piece. Though there’s a special deal where if you get three it’s only seven total!

You - Why would anyone need a ring that guesses alignments? How accurate is it?

Keshla laughs,

Keshla - They’re just silly joke rings. The kids love the ring display case; they all have bizarre enchantments on them.

You decide this would be the best chance to prank your bitch sister.

You - I’ll take three.