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so i just brought dragon age origins

~ Hussainiat Teri Tazeem Ja-Ba-Ja Hogi. :~Yazidiat Teri Tazleel Barmala Hogi. :~Har aik-(1) Dil Pe Lagi Ha Ghame Hussain ki Moher. :~ Agar Shikast Yahi Ha To Fatah Kiya Hogi.

Nunana Awoonor , Founder of NVA Marketing and Promotions( NVAMP) , an event staffing and marketing company was interviewed by Eyra Doe of The General Telegrapgh Newspaper on the services . The focus of the interview was services NVAMP provides and how different the company is compared to other events organizing firms.

Ghame Husain (a) ka Mausam Qareeb Hai

Ankhon Ke Saahilon Pe Hai Ashqon Ka Ek Hujoom,

Shaayad Gham E Hussain Ka Mausam Qareeb Hai

The eyes are already wet with tears,

maybe the season announcing the sad event of Karbala is nearing…

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The Cycle of Pain Continues on Flickr.

my pictures are poems written in blood
is what you read what you view
the cycle of pain we call ghame hussain
on the soul of our spirituality continues
tandav dance of death on the soul of shimr
giving the son of a devil his due
if hussain was a muslim
yazid shimr was a muslim too
with a blunted blade the soul
of islam he slew the bigot
will say no it was not them
it was some crazy jew
luckily at that time
among his killers
there was not a single hindu
but yet he created
the Hussain Brahmins
a mark on the neck
it is true
a wish
I want to Go To Hindustan
it was not possible
but from a tear god
created me and you
shias by default in lieu
we bleed we cry
black winding sheets
our bodies
with last drop
of the blood
our spirituality
a mission of peace
on earth
a fight against
yazidi terrorism
we pursue



My personal favourite video ghame

I also like dog

Its Not The Camera But The Soul Of Man That Shoots Pictures of Pain on Flickr.

i feel pain
i shoot pain
as it overwhelms me
time and again
i overcome pain
it cuts my head
it cant touch my brain
i am protected
by a shield
i call
moulah hussain
through this gory act
without glorifying
this ritual
called ghame hussain
i show you a protest
against terrorism
1400 year old or more
you know i am sane
my self inflicting act
of others too
a thought sustains
hussain is humanity
in every reign
though yazid
had his head
he could not
buy his hand
Islam lay slain
hussains sacrifice
a new revival
a new path
a new hope
paradise regained

allah ho akbar
he saved
at karbala
simple and plain