The Last Glance A Chair Poem

I’m a pretty big Chair fan I dedicated quotes and photos all over my iPhone just for Chair. If your a GG fan since the start you see that Leighton and Ed Have a great chemistry. The characters Blair and Chuck always look at each other ..I’m this very deep lovable way. This i thought would fit great in GG Season 5 when Chuck and Blair cant be together. I was inspired so I thought I should dedicate a poem to them. Here it is my first ever so it might not be the best. .. Enjoy Chair fans

The Last Glance
The last glance a shadow a whisper the look I see when he’s around me
My heart skips a beat and all I have left is him he the one who has hurt me and has shown me such a strong love a complicated love 

Even through all the obstacles I feel closer and closer to him with each challenge that comes our way
I don’t want him to ever let me go but at the same time it’s time to move on I want to stay with him but I know deep down inside its just not meant to be.