I may lose followers for this but I don't even care.

I’ve spoken to this person and left messages time after time. I have gotten no responce except once when I asked why she reposted my gif and she replied with a direct lie. The post you are about to read has her reposts of peoples gifs, JUST FROM TODAY. As a fandom, we are about respect and love and togetherness. So I just can no longer allow someone to go around stealing overs hard work with out a bit of remorse. For months myself and others have asked her to stop. And she won’t. So here we go. 

How steals your gifs. 

first example. stealing a gif, slightly editing it, then reposting. 

(gif originally posted by

(gif posted by ggrace-helbig. exact same gif, 25 frames, made to a smaller size mostlikely with gimp.)

example #2. 

(gif originally posted by

(gif reposted by ggrace-helbig)


(gif posted by

(gif posted by ggrace-helbig)

4th. changing the color of the gif 

(gif posted by fictionalheroine)

(gif posted by ggrace-helbig)

Anyways I think you guys get my point. These are literally JUST FROM TODAY. SHE DOES THIS EVERYDAY. 
I’m sorry but I’m sick of seeing my friends sad because this girl is stealing others work. If you see a reposted gif, please give the person a chance to fix it, or take it down, or give credit for it. Some new members do not know and I understand that. BUT this girl knows and has been spoken to and called on for over a month now and I’m over it. Thanks.